Less stress, More movement

We’ve been in chaos, fear and uncertainty brought about by the virus for months.  Each of us is dealing with it all in our own way in our own individual circumstances.  But there is one thing I see as being universal…we are all tired of it. 

Yet the next 2 weeks may prove to take the insanity (not to mention the hit on our body, mind and spirit) up a few more notches.  We have Halloween and then of course, the election.

We humans thrive on routine and community.  Daily routines we can count on to be there for us. Family and friends that are there to support us.  These become especially critical during stressful and uncertain times. 

This is why I decided to do a 10 day LIVE (and recorded) T-Tapp Class Challenge beginning on Monday the 26th going through November 5.

I will teach a 30 minute T-Tapp class each day (except Sunday) at 12:00pm EST via zoom so we can come together in community and move our body’s, calm our nervous systems and ground ourselves in the routine of the class with the support of each other. 

NOTE:  Everyone is welcome whether you are a T-Tapp "newbie" or an advanced T-Tapper.  Even if you've never done the T-Tapp Workout, you'll be able to join in and enjoy the benefits of this method of movement.  


Looking at tightening up and losing inches in the belly????

I will also be including a series of "Restore the Core" moves that we'll do after the 30 minute classes as an extra bonus!  We'll do them live and they will be recorded for you if you can't stay.   They have been the key to helping me tighten up and tone in my whole torso and I'm looking forward to sharing them with you.  

It is so important during these stressful times to MOVE!  We need to stay as healthy as possible to keep up our immune system and moving is such powerful medicine for what ails ya!

Let’s do it together. 

Join Me Today!

I've got 2 great options for this challenge. The first is for the live classes and you have access to the recordings for an additional week. The second option gives you the live classes and UNLIMITED access to the recordings. Choose the best option for YOU!.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to YOUR 10 Day T-Tapp Challenge - Let's get through this together!

    • Here is your zoom link and password for all your 12:00pm EST classes

    • Here is a downloadable 10 Day T-Tapp Journal! Use it to track your measurements, workouts, food, mood and anything else that is important to you. There is a saying..."you can't change what don't track". I can't wait to celebrate all your successes!

    • How to download your journal!

  • 2

    30 Minute T-Tapp Classes

    • DAY 1 - PBS, plies with jumping jacks and chest presses, side stretches, jazz twist with up/downs, twist stretch, hoe downs (2/4/1/2/4)!

    • DAY 2 - Pbs, pumps, plies (legs first and then the original cross over arms and jacks), Reach scoop, jazz twist, box, posture power arms, a different twist stretch, one set of tapping hoes and one regular hoe! Enjoy!

    • Day 3 - Roll down to PBS, pumps, plies with jumping jacks and turns, fascia stretches to jazz twist, oil wells, twist stretch, tricep move, tapping hoes and regular hoes and done!

    • DAY 4 - rolldown to pbs, pumps, plies to calf and hip stretches (plus tricep curls), oil wells in a plie position, twist stretch, hoe downs!

    • DAY 5 - (watch the short squat form video below) - rolldown to pbs, pumps and off to a long squat, calf/hip/jazz twist sequence, side stretches, twist stretch, hoes!

    • Day 6 (40 mins) - Rolldowns to pbs, pumps, plies, fascia jazz, lunge series, balance series, one set tapping hoes, one set regular hoes!

    • Day 8 - roll down to pbs, pumps, side stretches, fascia jazz twist, lunge series, balance, cool downs with stretches

    • Day 9 - Grab a pole or broomstick if you have it and want to use it for balance. NOT needed. Roll down to pbs, short pumps, plies with foot/calf, side stretches, jazz twist, lunges, balance (can use pole), airplanes, hoes!

    • DAY 10 (can you believe it??) - Rolldown to pbs, pumps, plies with footwork, side stretches, jazz twist, lunges, step lift, Thread the Needles! Ta Da! You DID IT!!!

  • 3

    Pelvic Floor Play

    • Pelvic Floor 1 - sitting on floor crossed leg (can sit on a ball or yoga block to help feel it), listen to my cues as we connect to and work those pelvic floor muscles), lie on back with ball between knees and follow along as we sqeeze and releasthe ball

    • Pelvic Floor day 2 - pelvic floor play, ball between knees again for more squeezing, tilting and pressing!

    • Pelvic Floor day 3 with 1/2 banana! More strengthening moves on our backs with ball between legs and a fab move for cinching in top back of hips, waist and thighs called 1/2 banana!!!

    • 13 minutes of ab work - grab a chair and we do "lift and grips" for belly strengthening and toning. Ended with another round of the 1/2 banana. So powerful!

  • 4

    Form tips Class

    • 10 Day Challenge Form tips - there were only a few of us on there but we had a great time. Went over Jazz twist, more stance, adrenals...

    • A short video on how to do squats without ever hurting knees!

  • 5

    Bonus Two!!! A Stretch Class

    • Stretch class! Release the tension from your back, front and shoulders with Arch/flatten/curl, hip releases with hip slides, lifts and circles, release mid and upper back with scapulas, hip rotator releases!

  • 6

    BONUS Three! THE ORIGINAL Barrre class

    • The Original Barre Class! Enjoy!

Blissful Praise!

See what others have experienced from these classes

Love how you teach T-Tapp

Susan P

I have tried T-Tapp in the past but just couldn't figure out how to do it. I'm so glad I found you. You slow it down and make it so understandable. Now I do it and get results!

Lost a size in just one week

Judy A

I've never lost any inches doing the T-Tapp DVD's but just one week of classes with Renee and I lost a whole size.

Renee brings best training in the industry

Lenore O

I've taken fitness and t-tapp training from lots of different trainers. I've found Renee to bring the best training I've ever had. She is top notch and knows her stuff!

I LOVE Renee's classes - ALL of them

Cindy G

I've taken lots of Renee's different classes and love them all. I love the way she breaks down complicated moves in T-Tapp and makes them simple to do. I also take her Somatics classes and have found them to be exceptional. Try any and all of her classes. You won't be disappointed.

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