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Welcome to T-Tapp 101

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The T-Tapp Method of Movement is an incredibly effective way to lose more inches faster than any other workout.  Not only that, but it works best when you slow it down, focus on doing each move with good "form" and NOT over-training.

"LESS is MORE" is our T-Tapp Method motto!  You'll learn that when using this method of mindful movement, along with good form technique, it only takes 15 - 20 minutes every other day to get incredible results. 

With T-Tapp Method, you'll learn that many of the "truths" we think we know about fitness and how to get good results simply aren't the ONLY truth.  

Here's our T-Tapp Method TRUTH: You don't need to use weights, do lots of cardio, workout everyday for over an hour to get the results you desire.  You just need to do our moves slowly, with muscle activation and proper alignment every other day. 

VOILA!  You'll get those inch loss results you've been looking for.  

Want to know what T-Tapp is and how I came to find about out it? 

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Here is a sample of the benefits and results I've experienced (either personally or with my clients) from doing the T-Tapp Method:

  • Amazing inch loss  quickly
  • Tightening of the "bat wing" granny arms
  • Better blood sugar control (inch loss even in the belly)
  • Reduction and even elimination of joint pain 
  • Better hormonal control even during peri and menopause
  • Reduction of "dowagers hump"
  • Better digestion and elimination
  • Increase in muscle tone
  • Increase in bone density even in hard to increase areas
  • Better quality sleep

But there is a fly in the ointment...while T-Tapp Method absolutely can give you all these results...it works best when you are doing the basic moves correctly.  

While Teresa Tapp was brilliant and developed this method of movement to help us all achieve the results her high fashion models got, she had a habit of talking and teaching quickly!  

By the time we watched the move (visually), heard her describe how to do it (auditory) and then put it into our own body (kinesthetically), Teresa was on to the next moves.  

She was hard to follow and it would take someone with a lot of patience to stick with it long enough to learn the moves.  Most of us got frustrated and moved on to another kind of workout.  

As a Master Trainer in the T-Tapp Method, this used to sadden me.  If my clients couldn't come to see me, they felt they didn't have any way to do the workout.  

The DVD's were just too fast for them to follow. That's why when I teach, I slow everything way down and give your brain and body time to learn each move effectively. 

I used to teach this as an in-person 4 hour clinic only but now you can benefit from this slower teaching method too!

Think of this course as your personal, at home T-Tapp Master Trainer clinic.

Start Your T-Tapp Journey Here!

This course, T-Tapp Method 101, is the perfect place for you to begin your T-Tapp journey.  

I go over every move in our 15 Minute Workout slowly (with modifications) and in detail so you will be able to follow along and learn it in your own time.  

Then I give you 4 bonus classes so you can take your new moves out for a spin!!!  

I've helped hundreds of women just like you get the incredible results the T-Tapp Method promises!  Now it's time for you to become your own success story.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to this course

    • Ready to start your T-Tapp journey

  • 2

    Stance Part 1

    • Stance! Part 1! All T-Tapp moves are designed around the stance. Once you get a "felt sense" of the stance, you'll be better able to get the most out of all the moves. Put yourself in the stance and feel the heat it creates!

  • 3

    Stance! Part 2!

    • The Stance - Part 2! Repetition helps us learn and that's why there is a lot of repetition here. Went into arms and detailed all the different hand positions because...hand positions matter! You'll feel the results with the different hands!

  • 4

    Primary Back Stretch!

    • Primary Back Stretch - Our first great move and one to do during the day. Definitely want to start your day with PBS (Primary Back Stretch) because it will put you in alignment, warm up your back, open in the chest and just get your body warmed up!

  • 5

    Arm Pumps!!!

    • Arm Pumps WITH A TOWEL. Using a towel is a great way to get your upper body in a great alignment especially if you don't have much mobility in your upper back and shoulders. Also great for you if you have short arms.

    • Arm pumps with BENT ARMS - next level of activation. This is the option I use most of the time. Excellent to open you up in the back, shoulders, pecs (It will lift and tighten up "the girls")!

    • Arm Pump with STRAIGHT ARMS- Can you do this but still keep your palms together, elbows slightly bent and turning in to get those shoulders rolled back? It's intense.

  • 6

    Neck Stretches!

    • Neck stretches - all three neck stretches are detail here! Chin to chest, ear to shoulder and looking left and right. Powerful way to strength all those muscles and tendons in the neck and help lengthen the cervical (neck) spine.

    • Neck Stretches - all three different neck stretches are detailed in this video...chin to chest, ear to shoulder and looking left/right!

  • 7


    • Plies - Legs only. You will learn how to do both wide stance plies (from the "original" BWO and Total Workout) and a more narrow stance from the more recent Brain/body Fitness workouts!

    • Plies - Narrow stance with 2 sets of arms

    • Plies! Wide Stance with 2 sets of arms!

  • 8

    Reach Scoop!

    • Reach Scoop! Time to stretch your sides!!!! Get space from bottom of your ribs to top of hips!

  • 9

    Jazz Twist

    • Jazz Twist! Ready for some torso rotation? I teach this move straight to the front so you can see exactly what to do. Then we learn how to do it transferring to each side. You are going to love Jazz Twist!

    • Jazz Twist! Time for some torso rotation. Learn it straight on. Then we'll take it side to side. Tons of form tips so get ready to rotate!

  • 10

    The BOX!!!!

    • The Box! You are going to learn EXACTLY what OIP (organs in place) is and how to do it standing. Pulling UP and IN what gravity is pushing down and out! Then creating a spinal girdle to hold it all in place!!! That's the beauty of the BOX!

  • 11

    Oil Wells!

    • Oil Wells! Oilers are designed to help your body release the lower back tension and strengthen your lower back and abs! Also strengthens upper back and shoulders. Great for helping with sciatic pain!

  • 12

    T-Tapp Twist Stretches and the Full Twist

    • T-Tapp Twist Stretches! Learn exactly what these stretches are designed to do - create the spinal "squeegie" and how! You'll learn 3 different ways to do this stretch! Great for gobbling glucose (controls blood sugar)!

    • The full T-Tapp twist!! This move helps your body develop spinal strength, flexibility, optimize lymphatic flow, increase circulation and super charge inch loss from developing muscle density around your core.

  • 13

    And the + - Hoe Downs!!!

    • Hoe Downs - The BIG + in BWO +. This is the 3 minute move that will increase your heart rate, gobble glucose, trim your whole body, increase focus and productivity! I share lots of tips and tricks to get the most out of this move!

  • 14

    Bonus Classes! Let's take your new moves out for a class spin!

    • 10 Minute full body workout! This has a few variation on a few of the moves. But I know you'll be able to catch on and get a great workout in just 10 minutes!

    • 12 minute workout! PBS (Primary Back Stretch), hoe downs, reach scoop, hoe downs, jazz twist, hoe downs! In this quick 12 minute class, you curled and scooped, stretched sides, rotated torso and did 3 sets of hoe downs for extra cardio! Congratulations

    • 15 minute Basic Workout with a few variations! Enjoy!

    • Thought you'd enjoy a short T-Tapp floor class! Even if you've never done these moves, you'll be able to follow along! 14 min floor - Extended linear stretch, pretty legs, hand/wrist/forearm flow.

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I got amazing results from these classes!

Angie C

I tried to do T-Tapp from watching the videos. I just couldn't keep up. I got frustrated and just stopped. When Renee offered her T-Tapp clinic online, I jumped at it. She is excellent at breaking down moves in a way I can follow along. Once I started to feel the moves, my results came quickly. This is the best class to take to get started with T-Tapp.

Renee brings best training in the industry

Susie P

I've taken classes from many different Trainers but I've never gotten the results I get from training with Renee. She truly brings the best of the best to every class. She has the ability to know exactly how to explain movements so they make sense and I can do them.

I lost 5 inches in just 7 days using Renee's classes

Petra L

I've tried so many workouts to lose weight and never found anything that worked for me. I was hesitant to even try this but Renee assured me I would get results. Boy was she right. I lost 5 inches in just 7 days working out with her. T-Tapp done right works.

No more neck/shoulder pain

Catherine S

I found T-Tapp when I was practically crippled. I was on a walker with horrible neck and shoulder pain. But with Renee's help and the T-Tapp Method, I completely healed. When I get stressed, my back starts to seize up. But I just do Renee's class and feel so much better. Take this class and learn the right way to do T-Tapp. You won't regret it!