You’ve rocked T-Tapp Method 101.

Are you ready to take it to the next level?

T-Tapp Method 101 teaches the first 6 moves in the “Total Workout”.  Many T-Tappers never go beyond doing Basic Workout +.  But did you realize there was a second part to the workout?

There is!  And it’s fantastic.  

It includes the T-Tapp Method lunge series, balance, arms, torso twist, step lifts, airplanes, lawnmowers…And it definitely takes the challenge AND RESULTS up a notch or three.

 My daughter Tiffany (also a T-Tapp Trainer) and I created a video course 4 years ago to teach these moves in a way you could “get” them.  It was called Form Intensive 2. 

We recently looked at these classes and realized they need to come back out and be taught again.  

While the moves in Basic Workout had been modified and had lots of new fascia stretching added, the moves in the second part of Total Workout hadn’t changed since we recorded them.

So we updated that course and it’s now available for you again.   

Scroll down and take a look at the "What's in the Course" cirriculum.  

Each video even has its own transcriptions (and downloadable pdf’s) if you enjoy reading as well as watching.

Want to take your new moves out for a spin?

We created 3 different classes you can do using the moves in T-Tapp Method 102 so you could use and practice your new techniques.  We kept these classes short but they are super sweet.

Tighten and Tone Today!

Get everything you need to rock the Total Workout

What's in the Course?

Check out the full course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to T-Tapp Method 102

    • Welcome to T-Tapp Method 102

  • 2

    Warm Up

    • Workout Warm Up

  • 3


    • Learning To Do: Lunges (Part 1)

    • Learning To Do: Lunges (Part 2)

    • Learning To Do: Lunges (Part 3)

    • Do It Together: Lunges

  • 4

    Balance Sequence

    • Learning To Do: Balance Sequence (Part 1)

    • Learning To Do: Balance Sequence (Part 2)

    • Do It Together: Balance Sequence

  • 5

    Lat Pulls & Puppet Pulls

    • Learning To Do: Lat Pulls & Puppet Pulls

    • Do It Together: Lat Pulls & Puppet Pulls

  • 6


    • Learning To Do: Airplanes

    • Do It Together: Airplanes

  • 7

    Thread The Needle

    • Learning To Do: Thread The Needle (Part 1)

    • Learning To Do: Thread The Needle (Part 2)

    • Do It Together: Thread The Needle

  • 8


    • Learning To Do: Arms (Part 1)

    • Learning To Do: Arms (Part 2)

    • Do It Together: Arms

  • 9

    Torso Twist & Step Lift

    • Learning To Do: Torso Twist & Step Lift

    • Do It Together: Torso Twist & Step Lift

  • 10

    Lawn Mowers

    • Learning To Do: Lawn Mowers

    • Do It Together: Lawn Mowers

  • 11

    3 Moves Bonus Workouts

    • Bonus Workout 1

    • Bonus Workout 2

    • Bonus Workout 3: Super Challenge

Meet the Trainers

CMO (Chief Movement Officer)

Renee McLaughlin

Renee McLaughlin is a health and somatic educator, speaker, motivator, and trainer with over 25 years of success stories from her clients. She has a Master of Science degree in Natural Health and is a certified Gentle Somatic Yoga Practitioner, Somatic Stretch Educator and T-Tapp Master Trainer. Renee is passionate about sharing her love of mindful movement and the power it has to help us get out of pain, increase flexibility and heal us at all levels...body, mind and even spirit!

MO (Movement Officer)

Tiffany Alvord

Tiffany Alvord has been dancing her whole life. She found T-Tapp through her mother, Renee, but didn't think much of it until she joined the staff at T-Tapp. There she worked with hundreds of women to help them get the most out of their workouts. Before leaving the company Tiffany became a certified T-Tapp Trainer. Since then she has joined Renee in teaching and spreading the love of movement that helps everyone feel amazing in their skin.