You Don't Have To Workout Hard for Hours, Go To A Gym (Or Spend a Fortune) To Create Your Best Body Ever!

You deserve to have a body that serves you for as long as it possibly can. Sadly, most women believe the only way to have the body they desire is through hard, exhausting workouts that require us to go to a gym and workout for hours.

Who has time (or DESIRE) to stop what you are doing, leave the house, fight the traffic to go to a sweaty gym, exhaust yourself for at least an hour and then have to come all the way home again.  

My bet is...Not YOU!

Have you ever thought or felt like:

  • I want a great body but don't want to go to the gym?
  • I sit in front of a computer all day and need a way to work out that serves my lifestyle?
  • I feel uncomfortable in yoga studios doing the poses in front of everyone?
  • I know I need to stretch and strengthen my body but I only have a short amount of time to devote to it.
  • I'd love to lose a few inches and tighten up my belt but I've always found it takes a ton of effort and time.
  • The exercise classes I've taken in the past were always so hard.  I couldn't follow the Instructor and I felt totally "uncoordinated".
  • I enjoy having a community of "like minded" women to workout with but don't have the time to go out and find it. 
  • I would love to have an experienced Personal Trainer work with me to make sure I got what I needed, but I don't have the resources to make that happen.

If any of these sound like YOU... You've just found your perfect solution . 

Yes! YOU can have the best body possible without going to the gym.

Yes!  YOU can get great results without spending hours working out. New science shows..."less IS more"!

Yes! YOU can transform your body in your home. 

Each day, I teach live classes online with women just like you.  I record all these classes (you only see me on the recordings).  Taking the classes live is GREAT if you can make the class times work for you.

But many people just can't do the live classes due to schedule conflicts but still really want to get the same amazing body transformation benefits.   These class recordings make this possible!

Now you really can take these super effective classes without having to leave your home!!!  

How do I know these classes are super effective?  I have studied with some of the top fitness experts in the world including Lillian Jarvis, Suki Munsel and Teresa Tapp.

As a matter of fact...I have been a Master T-Tapp Trainer for over 20 years.  This method of movement has been proven to help you lose 2 sizes in just 4 weeks.  

I combine the T-Tapp method of movement with the latest science of stretching and body toning to give you the best of the best!!!!

You'll be able to come into your secure portal and watch the day's classes recorded!  You'll feel like you are right there with us and will still be a part of our supportive community!

Don't look now but you are on your way to your best body...EVER!  And all from the comfort of your home!

I Understand When I Act Now, I get Instant Access to the "30 Day Recorded Only" class package which includes:

  • Recordings of all the live classes done over the next 30 days. There will be at least 30 new classes done (and you'll always find a few extra bonus classes there too) 
  • Classes include "Relax and Release" Stretch Classes, Stretch and Sculpt Classes, Floor Classes, Stretch and Stride (Walking) Classes!  
  • I will also get access to the private Facebook Group where I will find more support and even group "Challenges" to be a part of.  

I understand that the regular price for all this is $97.

But, when I act now, I get it for $79

To Your Success,

Renee McLaughlin

P.S. - Don't just take my word for it... scroll down below Your Fitness Recordings and take a look at just a few reviews from happy Women Who Wanted To Improve Their Bodies At Home With A Personal Trainer just like you!

Your Fitness Recordings

  • 1
    Welcome to your 30 Day Recorded Only class package!
    • Get the MOST out of this recorded class package!
    • 8 22 38 min ball pole chair standing - roll down with head raises, squat series in all ranges of motion warm up, plank push up off chair, pole/ball leg work, fascia twist stretch, hoe downs. An nice fusion! Did a 22 min ball floor class after.
  • 2
    Short 15 minute Standing and Floor Classes
    • This is a quick 15 minute class with PBS, plies, reach scoop, t-tapp twist stretch and a set of hoe downs. Great way to boost your metabolism and energy at the end (or beginning) of your day!
    • This was a "different" 15 minute workout. Started out with a short warm up and into PBS. Wide plie stretch and pump. Chair squats then chair squat to leg lifts. left lift to leg back and calf stretches. reach down and up, oil wells, windmills, jazz tw
    • This is a 15 minute class with a core focus. Warm up to side lunge series, step front with arm turns, Reach scoop/jazz twist and ended with hoe downs! 1 2 3 done!
    • This 15 minute class turned out to be a floor class. Started with Extended Linear Stretch. Hoe downs (on the group) with torso side rocks. On to our sides for full side series and then ended with another set of hoes downs. Heart rate was pumping and s
    • 4 1 13 minute floor - full side series for hip/thigh/full body melt!
    • This is a great "Challenge within a Challenge" workout. Started with belly tucks, awesome legs, diva derriere, bicycle legs, half frogs. Yep...we got all this deliciousness in within 14 minutes!!!
    • 5 24 16 min floor - Full side series using our cushion if needed, ended with a spiral.
  • 3
    Short "classic stretch flows"! NEW SECTION
    • What are "short classic stretch flows"?
    • 1 23 15 minute stretch. Began with a cat/cow, to hamstring release, hip release, inner thigh stretch, quad stretch...done!
    • 1 25 23 min stretch. We did the new "lighthouse" flow to release...everything. Then quad stretch series. This is a great one to do if you only have time for one flow.
    • 1 30 23 min stretch - began seated for a scan and then did the Lighthouse! Serious brain re-patterning and releasing long held contractions.
    • 1 31 26 min began with extended linear using our pelvic rocks, hip openers, then our side series (also in short floor)
    • 2 11 20 min stretch. Lighthouse, inner thigh, quad, and spiral! xoxo
    • 2 11 20 min stretch. Lighthouse, inner thigh, quad, and spiral! xoxo
    • 3 1 20 min floor stretches, Lower back/abs/roll downs, arch/flatten sit ups (powerful), SI joint release flow. Also powerful. Cat cow to finish
    • 3 8 20 min stretch flow. Spiral, hip opener, hamstring stretch, inner thigh release, on back for arch/flatten sit ups and clock. Body scan and done!
    • 3 11 20 min GSY (gentle somatic yoga) - Baby pose roll down, pelvic rocks, hip opener, seated torso twist, somatic head rolls, scan.
    • 3 11 20 min GSY (gentle somatic yoga) - Baby pose roll down, pelvic rocks, hip opener, seated torso twist, somatic head rolls, scan.
    • 3 13 20 min stretch flow. Began on back for full cat series (works whole body) ended with a kneeling cat/cow/spiral.
    • 3 14 25 min stretch flow. Lighthouse, clock. Powerful 1 2 punch!
    • 3 15 27 min flow - spine release, pelvis rocking, floor for clock, swimming frog legs, spine rotations.
    • 3 25 20 min flow - roll downs, arch/flatten sit ups, psoa's release, clock, cat/cow/spirals, done!
    • 4 26 24 min relaxed stretch. outer ham stretch, spirals, seated back stretch, spine squeegie, inner thigh, quad stretch series
    • 5 31 20 min stretch - spine, pelvic rocks, spiral, seated lateral back stretch, seated twist, somatic seated twist, done!
    • 6 6 22 min stretch - outer hamstring release, spiral, lateral back, twist, floor for clock, little rocks, inner thigh release and big rocks up to seated v.
    • 6 13 29 min gsy - spine, foot sliders, hip release, spirals, seated twist, scan
  • 4
    Gentle Somatic Yoga long classes
    • Welcome to your Relax and Release Stretch Classes - Benefits
    • Tips To Get the MOST out of these Classes!
    • 6 27 60 min GSY - began standing curl down with hamstring/back release, shoulder releases, foot sliders, on our back for arch/flatten sit ups, clock, new psoa release, spin twist, shoulder/hip, scan.
    • 6 29 60 min GSY- spine, neck release, side for shoulder/hip, back for "swimming frogs" inner/out thigh/hip release, seated inner thigh release onto quad series, cat/cow and up!
    • 7 2 60 min gsy - spine, foot sliders to release top of neck, spirals, heart activation, lower leg, different versions of lighthouse, hamstring release, inner thing, quad, arch/flatten sit ups, shoulder/hip release, scan!
    • 7 6 60 min gsy- spine, outer hams, foot sliders to release neck, spirals, hamstring release, seated torso flow, inner thigh/pelvis, floor roll downs, arch/flatten sit ups, clock, shoulder pullies, body yawn, scan.
    • 7 9 60 min gsy - standing roll down with back lengthener, spine, lower leg, hip openers, foot sliders, seated twist, inner thigh stretch, quad series, clock, arch/flatten with new arms, scan.
    • 7 13 60 min gsy - spine, lower leg, outer hamstring, spiral, lighthouse, hamstring, inner thigh/pelvis, floor for shoulder/hip, hip/shoulder flow, scan
    • 7 16 60 min gsy - standing roll down, back lengthener, floor spine, outer hams, foot sliders, spiral, lower leg, lighthouse, inner thigh, quad series, clock and scan!
    • 7 18 60 min gsy. Lots of neck/shoulder releases. Spine, outer hams, foot sliders, sides for shoulder/hip flow, arch/flatten sit ups, shoulder hip move, seated spiral, inner thigh, quad, floor for psoas, scan
    • 7 23 60 min gsy - spine, foot sliders, outer hams, lower leg, shoulders, lateral back, twist, lighthouse, hamstring release, inner thigh, quad series, full cat series, scan
    • 7 25 60 min - spine, foot sliders, neck releases, heart activation, lower back stretch, side twist, somatice seating turns, hams, inner thigh, quad, floor arch/flatten sit ups, new shoulder release, inner groin, scan
    • 7 27 60 min. spine, spiral, lower leg, outer hams, side for shoulder/hip, floor for arch/flatten, pearls, hip/shoulder/knee release flow, scan
    • 8 6 60 min gsy - spine, foot slideers, outer hams, lower leg, new neck stretch with towel or strap, light house, inner thigh, quad series, floor for arch/flatten sit ups, pearls, inner thigh stretches, scan
    • 8 8 60 min gsy - spine, foot sliders, lower leg, spiral with pandiculation, sides for shoulders, back for arch/flatten, lumber release, neck release, rest of cat series, hip/shoulder/knee flow, scan!
    • 8 10 60 min GSY- -spine, leg crossed hip opener to spiral, foot sliders, neck stretch with towel, lower leg, lighthouse, hams, inner thigh, full quad, cat/cow, down dog to up.
    • 8 13 60 min gsy - began with foot sliders, spine, outer hams, spiral with pandiculations, neck stretches, lighthouse, sides for shoulder/hips, floor for arch/flatten, clock, scan
    • 8 15 60 min gsy - foot sliders, spine, hip pandiculation/spiral, lower leg, hams, lighthouse, inner thigh, quad, roll downs,arch/flatten, inner thigh/groin/hip releases, body yawn, scan.
  • 5
    T-Tapp Inspired Stretch and Sculpt Classes
    • Welcome to Your Stretch and Sculpt Classes
    • "Toys" To Have For The Stretch and Sculpt Classes
    • 6 10 30 min coore standing - CORE CORE CORE. Began with warm up and off to PBS and arm pumps, wide leg torso twists, side lifts, cha cha torso, side drop lengthen, plie series, hoe downs with back jazz! YES!!!
    • 6 11 33 min CORE CORE standing! Warmed up, pbs, arm pumps, wide leg torso twists (elbow back), side body crunches, cha cha, side stretch and strengthen, plie series, hoe downs. GREAT for core! Did a floor ball class. Look for it there.
    • 6 12 38 min CORE standing - warm up, full new torso trimming series, arch/curl with bicep curls, full new torso series again, Sr fit oils, hoe downs. Melt that torso fluff!!!
    • 6 14 36 min core standing - warm up, roll downs with back lengthener, side lunges, torso twist punch, lat/hip stretch, cha cha, side strengthener, curls scoops, rounded oil wells, hoe downs with back jazz (see ball floor for our floor class today)
    • 6 15 40 min standing - active warm up, squat series with calf/hip stretch, curtsy lunge to side stretch, our new core series, oil wells to leg stretches, curls/scoops, hoe downs
    • 6 17 35 min burn that bootie standing - warm up to squat series with calf/hip work, on to the whole plie bootie burn series, cha cha core and front jazz twist added in, ended with hoe down. This is an intense class...Just saying...
    • 6 18 39 min Combo T-Tapp and new core moves! This was a fairly intense class! warm up, pbs, arm pumps, plies, new core jazz twist and then "regular" jazz twist, cha cha core, box, hoe downs!
    • In this video I detail out how to do our new "front jazz twist). Hope it helps!
    • 6 20 40 min standing - PBS, balance lifts, arm pumps, lots of leg work including plies, front jazz twist, cha cha move, lat squeeze, roll downs and leg stretches, hoe downs. Check out the video in the box above for tips on front jazz twist!
    • 6 21 40 min standing - nice relaxed warm up to more strengthening/lengthening moves, arm pumps, squat and balance series, plies, leg lifts (front, diagonal,back, inner thigh) and hoe downs. An interesting fusion of techniques in this class. Enjoy!
    • 6 22 42 min standing - good class! Grab a ball and pole/chair. Nice relaxed warm up into a relaxed long strengthening/lengthening lunge series, arm pumps, squat series with calf/hip, grab ball and pole for squats with ball and more, curtsy lunges and str
    • 6 24 41 min standing - active warm up with a long stretch/strengthening series, plies, arms/hands,leg lift series, had some cha cha's in between, hoe downs. I really liked this class! Hope you do too!
    • 6 25 46 min combo- you'll need a ball. Began standing warm up then to floor for a ball workout. Roll downs, ball behind mid back for sit ups and lower belly, roll up to forward roll, saw, side series, ball under tail awesome legs, kneeling sides.
    • 6 26 50 min combo with ball for floor - active warm up, roll down/hamstring release, floor/ball - rolldowns, mid back sit ups and leg releases, forward roll, saw, side series, on back for sit ups and shoulder releases!
    • 6 27 38 min standing - active warm up to full body moves to lengthen and strengthen, leg lifts with foot work, arm series, lots of roll downs, down dog, hoe down. A good workout!
    • 6 28 45 min ball combo - warm up to new ball combo moves standing. floor for roll downs, midback sit up/transverse/leg lifts, pelvic curls with knee lifts, side series, ball under breast bone series, kneel sides, done. Whoosh! Fat melt!
    • 6 29 40 min standing. - active warm up, squats to calf/hip, pbs, arm pumps, plies with full arm series, reach scoop, jazz twist, cha cha, side strengthening, hoe downs. We were SWEATING after this class! Good combo of activation and release! Enjoy