Ready to get fit without going to a gym, working out for hours and getting bored with the same workouts?

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This is a monthly program that gives you brand new, easy to follow and super effective workouts you can do right from the comfort of your own home every day!

That’s right! Brand new, easy to follow and super effective workouts every day!

You’ll get T-Tapp Workouts, Gentle Somatic Yoga workouts, stretching workouts, exercise ball workouts, standing workouts, floor workouts, and walking workouts. There is so much variety here you'll never get bored.

It doesn't get more convenient than this!


All you need is an internet connection and you are ready to move!  You can even do the classes in your bedroom wearing your pj's.  Now that's convenience!

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Sounds great but will they really work to get me fit and transform my body?

YES!!!  These specially designed workouts have proven LESS is MORE when it comes to getting inch loss results.

Now you might be asking yourself how I can make these bold claims. I am confident in making these claims because I have studied with some of the top fitness experts in the world including Teresa Tapp, Lillian Jarvis, Suki Munsel and James Knight.

As a matter of fact, I have been a Master T-Tapp Trainer for over 20 years and have helped hundreds of people transform their bodies with short, effective workouts. I combine the T-Tapp method of movement with the latest science of stretching and body toning to give you the "best of the best" workouts.

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The Fit In 30 Package includes:


  • Recordings of all the live classes done over the past 30 days. You can begin TODAY!!!  

  • You will then get at least 30 new classes (and you'll always find a few extra bonus classes there too) one a day over the next 30 days! A new class every day (but Sunday) 

  • Classes include T-Tapp Method inspired Stretch and Sculpt Classes, Floor Classes, Stretch and Stride (Walking) Classes and Gentle Somatic Yoga classes!  

  • You will also get access to the private Facebook Group where I will find more support and even group "Challenges" to be a part of.  


I understand that the regular price for all this is $79!

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P.S. - Don't just take my word on how amazing this program is. Scroll down below and take a look at just a few reviews from happy Fit in 30 members!

Your Fitness Recordings

  • 1

    Welcome to your 30 Day Recorded Only class package!

    • Get the MOST out of this recorded class package!

  • 2

    Form Tips!

    • How to do planks (with and without discs) on a chair!

    • 10 Day Challenge Form tips - there were only a few of us on there but we had a great time. Went over Jazz twist, more stance, adrenals...

    • A short video on how to do squats without ever hurting knees!

  • 3

    NEW! 10 Day T-Tapp Challenge!

    • Here is a downloadable 10 Day T-Tapp Journal! Use it to track your measurements, workouts, food, mood and anything else that is important to you. There is a saying..."you can't change what don't track". I can't wait to celebrate all your succes

    • How to download your journal!

    • DAY 1 - PBS, plies with jumping jacks and chest presses, side stretches, jazz twist with up/downs, twist stretch, hoe downs (2/4/1/2/4)!

    • DAY 2 - Pbs, pumps, plies (legs first and then the original cross over arms and jacks), Reach scoop, jazz twist, box, posture power arms, a different twist stretch, one set of tapping hoes and one regular hoe! Enjoy!

    • Day 3 - Roll down to PBS, pumps, plies with jumping jacks and turns, fascia stretches to jazz twist, oil wells, twist stretch, tricep move, tapping hoes and regular hoes and done!

    • DAY 4 - rolldown to pbs, pumps, plies to calf and hip stretches (plus tricep curls), oil wells in a plie position, twist stretch, hoe downs!

    • DAY 5 - (watch the short squat form video below) - rolldown to pbs, pumps and off to a long squat, calf/hip/jazz twist sequence, side stretches, twist stretch, hoes!

    • Pelvic Floor 1 - sitting on floor crossed leg (can sit on a ball or yoga block to help feel it), listen to my cues as we connect to and work those pelvic floor muscles), lie on back with ball between knees and follow along as we sqeeze and releas

    • Pelvic Floor day 2 - pelvic floor play, ball between knees again for more squeezing, tilting and pressing!

  • 4

    30 Minute PURE T-Tapp Classes

    • 6 22 30 min Monday T-Tapp class

    • 6 24 30 min Wednesday class. PBS, Pumps, Plies with butterflies, fascia jazz twist with up/downs and rotations, box (YIKES), hoe downs!

    • 6 26 30 min Friday - Pbs, pumps, plies w butterflies and jumping jacks, SF Reach Scoop, fascia jazz up down and twist, SF oil wells, hoes with the back move. And done!!

    • 7 1 30 min Wednesday - clap ways, pbs, arm pumps, plies with butterflies and jumping jacks, reach scoop to jazz twist combo, balance, speed skaters, hoe downs with back.

    • 7 3 Friday - claps, pbs, pumps, plies with 2 arms, reach scoop, fascia stretches then jazz twist, twist stretches, hip turns to open in hips, hoe downs!

    • 7 6 Monday - clap ways to pbs, pumps with neck stretch, plies with some different arms, reach scoop, Jazz twist, Box, lots of arm work, twist stretch, slow hoes

    • 7 8 Wednesday - claps, pbs, pumps, plies with foot presses, butterflies and chest presses, reach scoop, jazz twist, hip openers, hoe down slowed down with hip activation.

    • 7 10 Friday - pbs, pumps, lunge series, balance series and hoe downs. Doesn't look like much but it packed a punch! xoxo

    • 7 13 Monday - PBS, Pumps with neck, plies with chest presses, Sr. Fit reach scoop to jazz twist, hip openers, hoe down variation, twist stretches with ribs up, reg. hoe downs!!

    • 7 20 Monday! Clap aways to pbs to pumps with neck stretch, plies wide and then narrow stance with arm series, reach/scoop, jazz twist, box to hoe downs and...done!

    • 7 22 Wednesday - Let's WALK! I did a lot of walking technique in this class. We worked it all though! Learn some fun ways to get more out of all your walking. Can't wait to hear your experience! xoxo

    • 7 24 30 min FLOOR! Roll downs, in/outs, neck stretch, twist, pretty legs, pretzel twist! Ta DA!!!! You will need either a "pilates ball", small pillow or roll of paper towels to assist with the roll downs!

    • Monday- Ladybug PBS, plies with heal lifts then butterflies and jumping jacks, reach scoop, jazz twist with up downs, thread the needles, twist stretch, hoe downs with back. DONE!!

    • Wednesday Walking! We began with a nice slow pace, added a lot of arms, some side steps, step lift series and ended with a stretch. A fun, energizing class!

    • Friday FLOOR- Grab a ball/pillow/paper towel roll and let's go. Roll downs to big W, in outs, brain/body pretty legs, hip openers, crab claws!, ball behind tushie roll down quakes, ball behind blades for sit ups, ball under tail for Awesome legs,

    • Monday standing - Pelvic floor! Breathing and pelvic floor engagement to begin. Pbs, Pumps, Plies, fascia jazz twist with up downs and twists, twist stretches and hoe downs!

    • Wednesday Walking class - warm up and off to our walk. We walked and focused on working in all planes (front/back, side/side and to the back) and on working on core. Learned the "new" balance stepping move Stretched after! Enjoy!

  • 5

    Short 15 minute Standing and Floor Classes

    • Copy of 8 29 16 min floor using a ball - seated hip stretch, earthquake, earthquake with rotation, ball under mid back for sit ups, ball up further under blades for sit ups and leg lifts, ball between knees for bridg,ball under tail for toe lifts and pra

    • 8 25 20 min floor ball - seated hip stretch, in outs, rolls downs with ball, ball behind blades for sit ups and ham stretches. Short but effective!

    • 8 15 22 min floor ball - hip stretch in front, extended linear, in/outs, side to sides,twist stretch, roll downs with ball at tail, ball at blades for sit ups and leg lifts, onto sides for out side series with the ball at hip, stretch out and done

    • 7 29 20 min floor side series!!! Get out your cushie and let's work the tushie! And melt those sides!

    • 7 21 22 min ball floor - began with hip stretch with ball, twist, tushie strengthen, ball behind tail for quakes and side moves, ball behind blades for sit ups and leg lifts, ball between knees for bridging, ball behind tail for toe dips and leg circles

    • 6 20 23 min floor - W's, in outs, neck stretch, twist, pretzel twist to diva! The first 1.50 minutes is a bit blurry. Then it clears up! xoxo

    • 6 16 26 min ball floor - extended linear, roll downs and W, in/outs, crossed leg neck, ttwist on floor, pretty legs, advanced hoes😛👍, ball under tush for quaks, under blades for sit ups, between legs for bridge, hip stretch!!

    • 6 12 13 min glider series (standing and floor)- begin with plies out and in, curtsy out and in then back and forth, one leg out to side, one leg back series. Floor for plank series and lat pulls. WOO Hoo! And intense 13 minutes but Oh SO GOOD!

    • 6 9 20 min floor- extended linear stretch, big w's, neck stretch to twist, in/outs, ball behind tush, ball under blades for sit ups with legs, hip stretch to end.

    • 6 4 20 min floor gliders - Get out your gliders for this floor class. A slight roll down with discs under feet series, sides for 2 great moves, belly for push ups discs under hands, belly for lat pulls, on back for bridge and oip, frogs, ladybug stretch

    • 6 2 23 min floor with discs and ball. Began with a series of planks with discs (YES YOU CAN). I'd suggest watching each one first and then doing it. I don't do many reps of each. Then ball for quakes, sit up series, ball between legs for bridges, unde

    • 5 26 21 min floor using ball - Began walking out to plank, 4 push ups, shift back, plank with knees in and then knee push ups, on all 4's with ball and leg lift, ball behind tail for quakes and rotations, ball under blades for sit ups, ball on sides for l

    • 5 13 22 min floor ball - roll downs, earthquake, mid back sit ups, under tail for bridges and open leg, toe taps, dead bug, scissor legs, double leg circles, rolling and hip stretch

    • 5 11 18 min floor ball - roll downs, ball under tush for earthquakes and rotations, ball under blades for sit ups, under tail for toe taps, dead bugs and leg circles, seated hip stretches with ball!

    • 5 9 18 min floor ball - roll downs, ball behind tail for earthquakes and rotations, ball behind blades for sit ups and leg extensions, ball under tail for toe taps, dead bugs, leg circles, sides for mermaids and done!

    • 4 30 23 min floor ball - roll downs to ball behind sacrum for Earthquakes and bow and arrow, ball behind blades for sit ups and bridge sit ups, ball under tail for toe touches and dead bugs, on sides for side planks and mermaids, seated hip stretch with b

    • 4 28 16 min floor ball. Ready? ball between legs for roll downs, then EARTHQUAKE, bow and arrow, ball under blades for extentions, under tail for hip flexor stretch (don't you LOVE this one??) and ta da...done!

  • 6

    Short "classic stretch flows"! NEW SECTION

    • What are "short classic stretch flows"?

    • 10 19 23 min GSS - NEW GREAT for sore backs/hips! Arch/flatten/curl, hip slides, hip raises, hip rotator releases, psoas release!

    • 8 6 20 min great stretch - seated hip stretch, on back for inner thigh release, one leg over other outer hip release, psoas release and done!! Do this before doing a t-tapp workout or just hoe downs and feel the difference!

    • 6 27 23 min GSS - on back for scan, arch, flatten, curl, rocks to inner thigh stretches, lift hip/opposite arm, scan, roll to all 4's for cat/cow, spirals, childs pose and up!

    • 4 6 20 min hip flow - spirals, back stretches, onto back for lower back/hip release flow. Cat/cow to spirals, childs pose and up! A nice short but powerful flow!

    • 3 30 20 min relaxed stretch flow - spirals, hip release, baby pose for calf massage and roll down, later side stretches in seated position, the end! Nice relaxing, short session.

    • 3 20 21 min floor stretch - begin with legs out and pelvic rocks, to hip openers, to lateral back, twist, hams, spirals. A good class for hips and legs!

    • 1 28 15 min floor stretch - roll downs, arch/flatten sit ups, on belly for somatic neck release, shoulder releases, back to seated and done!

    • 1 7 13 min floor stretch for inner thighs, hips, tush - began a few rolls downs, baby position with hip openings, bun tightening, extended linear stretch. A GREAT 13 minutes!

    • 12 31 11 min floor stretch - Hip openers and inner thigh release! Ta da done!

    • 12 24 20 min floor stretch - crossed leg seated forward hip stretches with added activation, curl scoop, arm pumps and a neck stretch,lower leg, hip stretch in "yoga" position. Using a pandiculation to increase effectiveness of a yoga pose. Enjoy!

    • 12 18 18 minute short flows to release neck and shoulder tension! Seated shoulder releases and onto floor for somatic neck release. Put this in your toolbox for when your neck and shoulders are tight!!

    • 10 8 16 min Neck and shoulder flows! Began with somatic neck release (PLEASE listen to cues to protect neck) and on to a variety of shoulder and upper back releases. GREAT set to do whenever you have been at the computer, life!

  • 7

    Gentle Somatic Stretch classes

    • Welcome to your Gentle Somatic Stretch- Benefits

    • Tips To Get the MOST out of these Classes!

    • 10 22 60 min stretch - spirals, lower leg, hamstring, lighthouse, sides for it band release, back for arch/flatten/curl, inner thigh stretches, psoas release!

    • 10 20 60 min gss - on back and belly whole time - arch/flatten/curl, hip slides, hip raises, hip circles (these are all great for lower back/hip issues), belly for neck release, hamstring releases, back for shoulder blade (mid back) NEW long flow,

    • 10 13 59 min gss combo - began standing with roll downs, ham release, standing calf release (new),floor for arch/flatten/curl, belly for another ham release, back for invert/evert and scan!

    • 10 6 48 min gss - NEW Class! Lots of lower back/hip/psoas releases! Arch/flatten/curl, each side arch/flatten/curl, hip slides, hip raises, diagonal raises, hip rotator releases, psoas release, scan. It's slow and very powerful!

    • 9 15 60 min gss - spirals, twists, lower leg, hip releases, hams, quad to pigeon, arch/flatten/curl, neck strengthener, yawn!

    • 9 12 60 gss - hip stretch, lower leg, foot sliders, hamstring, hip releases, inner thigh, quad to pigeon, back for inver/evert, scan.

    • 9 10 gss - x's, arch/flatten/curl, belly for neck releases, sides for shoulder/hip, back for hip rotator releases, inner thigh stretch, hamstring release, washrag and psoas. Done!

    • 9 8 45 min gss - spirals, foot sliders, ham release, hip openers, quad stretches to pigeon, lighthouse and floor for scan and relax!

    • 9 3 60 min gss - spirals, lower leg stretch, seated somatic twist, floor for arch/flatten/curl, belly for somatic neck, back lift, side for side release and done!

    • 9 1 60 min gss - on back for x's, arch/flatten/curl, sides for shoulder/hip releases, back for hip rotators, psoas release, relax! Doesn't look like a lot but when you go slowly, it's all you need! xoxo

    • 8 27 60 min - on back for arch/flatten/curl, belly for back lift and neck releases, sides for side lift, on back for ql release, inner thigh release, done!

    • 8 25 60 min seated gss - spirals, lower leg, hams, hip releases, inner thigh, quad stretch to pigeon, on floor for glute strengthening, yawn!

    • 8 22 60 min gss - began with our spirals (pelvis, ribs...), lower leg, foot sliders, lighthouse, floor for arch/flatten/curl, neck strengtheners, hip rotator release! xoxo

    • 8 20 60 min gss - x's, arch/flatten/curl, belly for leg across and roll (new move), sides for shoulder/hip/sides release, back for hip lifts alternating arms, psoas release!

    • 8 18 60 min sggy - spirals and up body, lower leg, seated somatic twist,on belly for somatic neck,back for arch/flatten/curl, inner and outer hip rotator releases and done!

    • 8 15 60 min gss - Began seated with spirals up the torso, lower leg, hamstrings, quad, lighthouse, floor for inner/outer hip rotators, invert/evert for hips, scan. Good combo of moves!

    • 8 13 60 min gss. Begain on our back for arch/flatten/curl, belly for neck release and "looking over shoulder", sides for side release, back for hip rotator releases, hamstrings and psoas. Scan and done!

    • 8 1 60 min gss - on our back and sides. Arch/flatten/curl, belly for neck release and looking over shoulder, sides for side release, back for evert/invert hip, scan.

    • 7 30 60 min gss with leggings - spirals, add upper body stretch with leggings, lower leg, one leg out and then both legs out, spine roll down, on back for arch/flatten/curl, hip lift and ended with a release/scan while up on a bolster to release h

    • 7 28 60 min gss - all on back or sides - x's, arch/flatten/curl, washrag, sides for hip/shoulder, inner thigh/groin release, outer hip release, invert foot, psoas and done! Nice class. Very relaxing and releasing!

    • 7 25 60 gss - seated with spirals, lower leg, one leg out and hip stretches,kneeling flexor stretch, floor for arch/flatten/curl, back for neck releases and looking over shoulder, sides for side release, back for inner thigh/groin release and...done!

    • 7 23 60 min gss - Get ready to REALLY relax and release in this class - On our backs for x's, arch/flatten/curl, rollerpin arms, side for side release,invert/evert hip florw, diagonal release, psoas/flexor flow, lighthouse and done.

    • 7 18 70 min combo sculpt and stretch! We began with a floor sculpt class and just went right into our GSS. seated twists, neck stretch, extended linear, roll downs to frogs, ladybug stretch/bugs, 4 stretch to back for arch/flatten/curl...

    • 7 16 gss - began spiriling, legs out in baby, lower leg work, on back for arch/flatten/curl, inner thigh release, hip release, side release (new move) and back for scan. Nice combo class!

    • 7 11 60 min gss - began spiraling..., foot sliders,lower legs, glute and hip openers, one leg out with hip,ham release, on back for arch/flatten/curl, invert/evert hip, psoas,

    • 7 9 60 min gss - on back for arch/flatten/curl, belly for back release and neck releases, on sides for side release, on back for PSOA's and hamstring releases, new inner thigh release and new yawn. Really nice class!

    • 7 2 60 min GSS - In a chair!!! First half of class is the stretch in a chair. Then went on our backs for arch/flatten/curl, psoas and a ham release. "A KEEPER"!

    • 6 20 60 min gss - on back for scan to arch/flatten/curl, pip release, on belly for looking over shoulder, neck release, side release, on back for more hip releases and shoulder pulleys. Good releasing class.

    • 6 18 60 min gss- spirals, spine roll down, one leg out for ham/hip stretches, quad stretch, lighthouse, floor for arch/curl, hip releases, pulley shoulders, scan.

  • 8

    T-Tapp Inspired Stretch and Sculpt Classes

    • Welcome to Your T-Tapp Inspired Classes

    • "Toys" To Have For T-Tapp Inspired Classes

    • 10 23 33 min t-tapp floor - roll downs, a few in outs, extended linear stretch,floor for oip, frogs, ladybug stretch, ladybug, ending hip stretches and done!

    • 10 21 30 min - roll down warm up to squats series with balance, plies, side stretches, fascia jazz, arms, hoe downs. A nice 30 minute class!

    • 10 20 43 min Original - Warm up, bend straighten, hamstring/tushie (straight back),side leg with waist, quick leg stretch and up for calf and then serious thigh, leg stretches, floor for legs up on chair ab work, pluto snuffles and final stretch!

    • 10 19 28 min T-tapp - PBS, pumps, plies with chest presses, side lunges, jazz twist with up/downs, box with hands on hips, Twist stretch, hoe downs and done!!! DID SHORT Stretch flow - see under short flows!

    • 10 17 55 min Stretch/sculpt - began standing with roll downs, standing calf releases, floor for spinals and a series of back/neck/shoulder stretches,pelvic floor roll downs,ball between knees for pelvic floor/abs, on back for inner thigh,ladybug!

    • 10 16 38 min. Original class - warm up, bend straighten for top of legs, back of legs, side legs, top of thighs, pelvic floor work and then onto back with ball between knees for more core, move for waist whittling, bear stretch, final stretches and...done

    • 10 14 39 min t-tapp to tempo - We did Basic Workout + to tempo and got it done in 28 minutes. Great mid day metabolic booster!

    • 10 12 39 min combo - warm up to arch/curl, arm pumps, fascia jazz, plies with footwork, to floor for twist, neck stretches, 1/2 banana, pelvic floor work, on back for ball between legs abs (also pelvic floor) and DONE!!! Love your feedback on pelvic floo

    • 10 10 1.5 hour combo stretch and sculpt class. Check out the text right under the video. I've given you a time breakout because I know this is long. Check out the pelvic floor and ab work. OMG!!!

    • 10 9 40 min "original" workout - new warm up, front of legs with more detailed form tips, back of thigh/tushie, top of leg genie, leg stretch/pelvic floor, backside/waist/1/2 banana, pluto snuffles, cat cow, final leg and back stretches!

    • 10 8 43 min- roll down warm up to pbs, pumps, plies, side stretches, fascia jazz, box, plie oil wells, twist stretch, floor for 1/2 banana, ab work, final stretches. Enjoy this fusion class!

    • 10 7 43 Min NEW!!!! Grab your chair and let's play doing the ORIGINAL Lotte Berk Barre class. Warm up, top of legs (in out stretch), back of thighs (lift straighten bend floor), outside body (outside in), tops of thigh (genie), leg stretch and pelvic fl

    • 9 17 41 min combo chair - new warm up to squats/calf/hip stretches, single leg calf stretches, "serious thigh" series, floor for 1/2 banana, waist away (oh yea), pluto snuffles, crossed leg twist, hip stretch! woo hoo!!!!!

    • 9 16 45 min combo chair - new full warm up ,squat series, squats to curtsy, go to chair for diagonal bend/straighten, face chair for hips/bootie, side leg for sides and waist, on floor feet on chair for abs and done!

    • 9 15 41 min chair combo - new full warm up to front of leg bend/stretches, leg straight back for hams/tush, kneeling for "muffin no more",top of thigh moves,calf lifts,serious thigh sequence,1/2 banana (melt back waist/hip).pluto snuffles, ab work, stretc

    • 9 12 55 min combo (chair, ball, discs)- warm up to pbs, pumps,squat/calf series using the chair (feel difference with chair), into cursty/side stretch,plies with prayer, disc back lunges, disc side lunges,plie discs, arm series,twist stretch, burpees with

    • 9 11 35 min with chair and discs - New full warm up, squat rotate with and without disc, chair for bend straightens, leg straight back, leg diagonal, leg out to side, burpees without and then with disc! Don't be scared! You can do it👏

    • 9 10 36 min ball mostly standing - Fun Class! Roll down warm up to pbs, pumps,play with stance using ball, plies with ball to hip/calf stretches, squats, curtsy lunges to side stretch, ball along side of leg lift, ball between legs for some squats (pelvic

    • 9 9 38 min combo - began with the new warm up to plies, wood chop, chair for bend/stretch, bootie lifter, side leg/waist stretch, floor for kneeling top of leg, floor with legs on chair for abs and end with hip stretch

    • 9 8 40 min combo chair - NEW warm up. Hope you like it. Curl/scoop to pumps, plies ( a bit fast), off to the chair for bend straightens, leg back for tush lifts, big side bend over and inner leg work, plies for lower leg,genies,all 4's for bootie/hip, a

    • 9 4 33 min combo(mostly standing) - chair - warm up to our stance rotations, balance with big finger, to chair for bend straightens, back diagonal lifts, floor for knees out tuck, feet up on chair seat for ab work, ended with plank to push up and a hip st

    • 9 3 40 min combo - warm up and roll downs to pbs, pumps, stance with rotations, squat series, to chair for bend/straightens, leg back and wrap arounds, plank, push ups,chin to chest to extensions, ab moves and done!

    • 9 2 40 min chair combo- warm up to pbs, pumps, stance rotation sequence, squat series for lower legs, arms and hips, chair for bend straighten and the big hip out side series, down for planks and a few push ups, hip stretch and done!! Fun class!

    • 9 1 45 min chair combo- Roll down to pbs, pumps and off to our 3 stance rotation, squat series to jazz twist. The the chair for bend/straightens forward and for booty, floor for ab work and done! Fun, effective class!

    • 8 31 38 min standing core - use a ball and chair. Roll down warm up to pbs, pumps and then a rotational sequence with different stances, plies with cross chop, chair for legs and tush, on all 4's for a hamstring move, then up for hoe!!! A fun class!

    • 8 29 35 min chair with disc - warm up roll downs to pbs, pumps, squat series then squat to a rotation without disc and with, plies with discs and then front lunges with disc, to chair for leg lifts, diagonal lifts,leg to side with side stretch. di

    • 8 27 37 min standing (chair) - warm up to roll down to pbs to pumps, squats to balance to calf/hip stretch with arms,plies then added diagonal wood chops for waist, to chair for leg stretches and side stretches,twist stretch, down for push ups and DONE!

    • 8 26 39 min standing- warm up, pumps, an arm move,plies with new arms behind back, feet and balance, side bends, hands/arm series, fascia jazz, twist with straight arms and hoes. Done! Interesting class!!!

    • 8 25 33 min standing with chair - roll downs to pbs, pumps, plies, to chair for side/leg/bootie series, fascia jazz, planks to a few push ups and done! Did a 20 min floor ball class in short floor category above.

    • 8 24 40 min (grab a chair) - video is fine. Just click play. warm up to pbs, pumps, plies, side lengthening series, leg series at chair, wrist rotation with arms out., down for a plank and push ups then...done!

    • 8 22 (YES) 54 min combo - need ball and chair. roll down to leg lifts, back for lower leg stretch/quad/arms, to chair for legs, floor for roll down abs, ball under blades, sides for ball under hip, seated hip stretch and done. Whoosh (fat meltin

    • 8 21 43 min combo - combination of the things we played with this week. Grab your leggings and a chair. Warm up with squats to the chair for legs. Then grab the leggings for side stretches and twists. Enjoy!

    • 8 20 36 min towel stand - warm up and then we grab our towel and do a great workout. Lots of torso/side work. We all loved this class and hope you will too. I am using a pair of leggings. A longer scarf works well too!

    • 8 19 39 min combo - warm up to pbs, pumps, plies with foot work, side lunge series, to chair for leg lengthers, legs with heals up down,foot/calf work, kneeling with curl scoops, leg at diagonal in back, full ab series using chair. Woo Hoo!

    • 8 18 40 min combo (chair) - warm up to arm pumps, plies with 4 arms, reach scoop, fascia jazz, Senior Fit oils, to chair for leg toners (straight bend, straight back and diagonal, knees open kneel for tops of legs, floor with feet on chair for abs and str

    • 8 15 30 min standing (did a 20 min floor after. See above), nice warm up to pbs, pumps, plies series with arms and footwork,single leg lifts from inner thigh,reach scoop, fascia jazz,twist, hoes

    • 8 17 38 min combo (chair) - warm up to pbs, pumps. squat series, feet/lower leg work at chair, bend straightens in different angles (oohh feel the burn), on ground for a whole ab series. Cool down with cat cows!

    • 8 14 40 min combo - An interesting mix of moves! Warm up with roll down, pbs, pumps, squat series, to chair for leg stretches and lengtheners, foot/lower leg work, inner/outer thigh work, to floor for abs and on our sides for a outer leg move and

    • 8 13 35 minute standing with chair - nice moving warm up to pbs, pumps. Then to chair for leg/hip/tush work. Powerful small moves for BIG results, arm series, big hip stretches to end.

    • 8 12 35 min ball stand- Interesting combo of moves. Roll downs to pbs, pumps, grab ball and for some moves including sides, lengthening legs at a chair ,fascia jazz, arms, hoes

    • 8 6 35 min standing (arm/hip) - warm up, PBS, plies with foot work, rotation, leg lengtheners, side lunge full body series, arm series (new), sr fit oils, twist stretch, hoes!

    • 8 5 35 min standing ball - warm up to squat with rotation, side lunges with heal lift and rotation, drop lunges to calf/hip, side stretch series, sr fit oil wells, twist stretch and again with ball. Ended with hoe downs.

    • 8 4 Ladybug floor - began seated with roll downs, Big W's, extended linear, neck stretch, twist, floor for full bbff, OIP, frogs, ladybug stretch, bug herself, finished with stretches.

    • 8 1 40 min standing full body - Long warm up for lots of fascia stretches, squats for calf/hip stretches, side lunges, curtsy, arms, more full body lunges, plies with side stretches, plank to push ups and done!

    • 8 3 37 min ttapp - roll downs to pbs, hoe downs,pumps, plies, reach scoop fascia, fascia jazz+ up/downs, twist stretch and hoe downs

    • 7 31 39 min stretch/sculpt - long fasia warm up, side lunges, leg strengthening, arm/hand sequence,squat series to fascia jazz, twist with arms by head, walk out to plank push ups and done!

    • 7 30 37 min ball floor - seated hip stretch with ball, lateral back stretch, back twist, lower leg stretches, ball between knees roll downs, ball behind tush quakes, ball behind blades for sit ups and cross sits, on side for hip clam shells (ball

    • 7 29 36 min standing - nice long warm up, pbs, pumps, squat series with some added arms, plies with foot work then side stretches, new arm series, hoes! Floor class after (see Short floor above)

    • 7 28 35 min standing with lower leg/balance/ballet focus - warm ups to lots of lower body plie type moves. stretch and done!

    • 7 27 35 min standing - weight shift and lower body toning. Warm up, feet and leg barre work, squats with leg out to side, lunge backs, plie series with feet. curtsy, different twist stretch and hoes

    • 7 25 35 min standing - weight shift - warm up to pbs,pumps and off to squats. All about weight shifting in this class. Ended with a t-tapp twist new stretch and hoes.

    • 7 24 43 min ball disc - warm up, pbs/pumps, squat series, squat with ball, discs with plies,front lunges and side lunges, down on floor with discs for planks/push ups, hip stretch. A challenging but "do-able" toy class! Enjoy!

    • 7 22 32 min ball/disc/pelvic floor/core - warm up to a ball squat series, side lunges to front lunges, disc front lunges, planks to knee push ups, fun class!

    • 7 21 34 min "ballet" moves with tapp - Let's bring out our brains to learn a few new sequences. warm up, pbs, pumps, "ballet inspired" sequences, fascia jazz, twist stretch, hoes. Then did a 20 min ball floor (see top category)

    • 7 20 40 min variety standing - warm ups, pbs, plies to side stretches to squats to jazz twist, oil wells, twist stretch variation to lat/puppet hoes.

    • 7 16 37 min standing- warm up to pbs,squat series with some added arms, plies with ab work, fascia jazz, some new arms, down to plank to knee push ups, ended with lawnmowers. stretch and done!

    • 7 18 36 min standing (weight shift is the focus) - warm ups to interesting squat series with lots of different weight shifts...side lunges to lifts.ended this with a walk out into plank with 4 push ups twice. ended this and did a floor sculpt and gss

    • 7 17 45 min BALL combo- (first 27 mins standing)- warm up to squat series to calf lengtheners, ball between leg squats, curties, side lunges, side leg lift, disc out for hip, down to all 4's for core work, quakes, side series, final hip stretches. ENJOY

    • 7 13 35 min stand - warm ups to pbs, pumps with neck, plies, sr. fit reach scoop to jazz twist to curtsy lunges with side stretch, hip openers, hoe down variation, twist stretch, roll downs into plank with 2 push up and up.

    • 7 11 38 min standing - warm ups to a squat series ( a little different today) some side stretches with bow and arrow,lots of "barre legs",sr fit oils, twist stretches, hoes with back.

    • 7 1 36 min walking/balance class- walking warm up to some walking moves , did a longer step lift series. The sweat was pouring. Enjoy!

    • 6 5 42 min standing with discs - sway and upper body warm up to pbs, pumps and neck. Grab discs for plies, squat to curtsy, front lunge to warrier, reach scoop, jazz twist (w attitude), twist stretch, hoe downs. Enjoy!

    • 6 3 42 min gliders/chair - began roll down to pbs, pumps, used chair for hip/calf, plies and glider lunges. Notice the difference with chair for support. Sr Fit oils, t stretch. That was about 30 minutes. Then used gliders for the plank/push ups.

    • 6 2 34 min standing with discs - roll downs to pbs, pumps with neck. Grab discs for plies, side legs and front lunges, reach scoop, jazz twist, oil wells, twist stretch and hoes. See short floor category for a floor class after!

    • 6 1 38 min standing with discs - Used 2 discs today! You can use paper plates, socks that slide or do the class without the discs. All works. I used light shoes today because I got better traction with them. See under video for moves!

    • 4 8 38 min using towel - roll downs, feet/lower leg warm ups, grab towel for upper body release, hip bumps, rib bumps, side stretches, twists all using the towel. Ended with hoe downs.

    • 2 15 35 min walk - waling warm up to squats alternating legs to a back hip/feet/stretches, off to more walking with upper body work, used chair for feet/leg/hip work, finished with walking and stretch.

    • 2 8 35 min walking workout - walking to warm up, squat to leg stretches and off to a good walk with all the favorite moves. Hope you enjoy it!

    • 1 31 33 min walking - begin with side to side stretches, squats to lower leg/hip stretch and off to a great walking class with arms series, curtsy lunges then inner thigh stretches and a set of hoes. More cardio than usual!

    • 7 17 35 min standing - lots of relaxed stretching/strengthening moves. This class felt great but was still intense. Enjoy! This class was brought back by popular request which is why it is out of order!

  • 9

    BALL Standing Workouts

    • 9 6 35 min standing BALL - Long warm up with roll downs and back stretch, ball between legs for leg series, plies with lots of torso twisting and side to sides, ball at chest for leg lift crunches, single leg crunches, stretch it all out again, hoes.

    • 4 13 30 min ball workout. Grab your ball and let's play. Nice active warm up and off we went for a fun ball workout. Enjoy the extra activation the ball provides!

    • 4 16 36 min BALL and Chair! Began with a nice slower warm up and off we went to a ball workout. We even did a "chair" plank. You will definitely get your cardio going on and feel those glutes! Did a short floor with ball after. Find at bottom of page

    • 4 17 37 min ball workout! Yes! another ball workout. Nice warm up and off we went. This was a fun workout and we definitely got our heart rate up! Enjoy! BTW...did a 20 min floor class after. Look before in Floor classes for it!

    • 4 24 38 min ball - warm up and off we went. Lots of core and glute/leg work. Also quite aerobic. Hope you enjoy this workout. 12 minute floor below after this!

    • 4 25 37 min ball workout - warm up and then grabbed the ball and off we went. Lots of squats, plies (wide and with heals together)...Enjoy!

    • 4 18 38 min ball workout! Grab your ball, chair and a 1 inch thick book because you will use it to put your heels up on. An interesting mix of moves today. See how you like the ball with the twist! Floor portion under Short Floor!

    • 4 26 40 min standing with ball at end - warm up to PBS, arm pumps with neck, plies, reach scoop, jazz twist, oil wells with ball, sr fit oil wells with ball, ttwist with ball and hoes with ball!

    • 4 30 43 min standing BALL - warm up, pbs, pumps, grab your ball and off we went with the ball workout. Ended with Puppet pulls with ball for hoes!

    • 7 3 40 min ball standing core - warm up, pbs, arm pumps off to a ball workout. Lots of balance, core work with the ball. We all KNEW we had worked out when this was over! Hope you enjoy it.

    • 7 19 50 min BALL standing . Use a ball and pole for this class. Began with long, slow warm up and strengthening moves, did ball squat series, ball rotations, plies with pole, ball between legs for long flow series...

    • 9 4 40 min standing - gentle flowing warm up to pbs, pumps, t-tapp plies, side lunge series, jazz twist, t-tapp twist, hoes!

  • 10

    Stretch and Stride (walking classes)

    • How to get more out of your walking workouts! Instructional!

    • 11 22 38 min walking type workout. More aerobic with upper body focus. Break at 20 minutes if you want a shorter aerobic workout.

    • 11 19 30 min walking - active warm up and off to a walking workout. Actually lots of different moves with a good cardio workout!

    • 2 8 35 min walking workout - walking to warm up, squat to leg stretches and off to a good walk with all the favorite moves. Hope you enjoy it!

    • 11 22 38 min walking type workout. More aerobic with upper body focus. Break at 20 minutes if you want a shorter aerobic workout.

    • 1 31 33 min walking - begin with side to side stretches, squats to lower leg/hip stretch and off to a great walking class with arms series, curtsy lunges then inner thigh stretches and a set of hoes. More cardio than usual!

    • 11 19 30 min walking - active warm up and off to a walking workout. Actually lots of different moves with a good cardio workout!

    • Enjoy this 17 minute brain body walk. Short lower leg stretch and off for a brain body walk. Great for the morning!

    • 12 15 This 38 minute Stretch and Stride class began with a nice stretch series and then off we went for our walk! Some new walking moves and some of our favorites. You'll definitely get your heart rate up and feel your muscles working. Enjoy!

    • 12 12 43 minute Stretch and Stride - warm up stretches to squats and calf/hip, off to our walk. Ended with a cool down stretch. i hope you enjoy this class as much as I did!

    • 12 19 41 min stretch and stride - warm ups with squats and off to a good walking workout. You'll get your heart rate up and muscles worked!

    • 1 9 Walking class! Nice warm up with our squats to calf/hip stretches and off for a nice long walk. Relaxed releases at the end!

    • 1 12 38 min. Stretch and Stride class! We began with a short warm up including squats and lower legs and then off we went for a great walk. We worked it all. Hope you enjoy it!

    • 1 16 35 minute Stretch and Stride..and more stride than stretch in this one. I enjoyed this class and hope you do too. Nice combo of stretching and then walking and then stretching. Enjoy!

    • 1 23 35 minute walking class. Beginning squats to a calf/hip stretch and off to a good fun walk!

    • 1 26 35 min walking class. Began with some good stretches and then went off for our walk. Enjoy!

    • 1 30 38 min walking - stretch series and off for a good aerobic walk!

    • 2 2 35 minute walking. Began with a warm up, then squat series and off to a nice walk. Lots of form tips for walking in this class!

    • 2 6 35 min walking. Started with a brief warm up and off we went into our walk. Lots of intervals in this walk increasing heart rate and bringing it back down. Ended with a nice stretch series for feet,legs and a new flow for whole back of body.

    • 2 12 38 min standing. Stretches and off to back stretch and arm pumps. Plies, side lunge series and a ton of arm work! t twist stretch and hoes!

    • 2 13 walking. walking warm up, stop for a stretch of feet/calf/hip with squats, off for more walking!

    • 2 23 33 min walking, Warm up, squat/calf/ hip stretch, off for a good walk. Stretched after. Enjoy!

    • 3 16 walking. Nice stretch and off to a walk!

    • 4 5 walking - warm up, walking, stretch, walking...enjoy!

    • 4 27 38 min walking class - began with short warm up and off we went for a walking workout!

    • 5 8 28 min walking (I posted there too). Active walking warm up, squat stretches and more walking! Did a floor workout after.

    • 6 8 33 min walking class with lots of new moves. Also posted under Stretch and Sculpt workouts

  • 11

    BALL FLOOR Workouts

    • 4 12 14 minute! floor - roll downs for ab and back, floor for hips and abs with ball between the legs and under sacrum.

    • 4 16 15 min floor with BALL! Began with inner thigh stretch and pelvic rolls, Roll downs, side rolls, on back with ball under tush for legs and core work! Ended with a seated spiral.

    • 4 19 27 min floor. Extended linear stretch, big w's, in/outs, ball behind tail for roll downs and side abs,ball between shoulder blades opening and tail lift, to floor for ball between legs squeeze, ball under tush for some toe touches , cat cow to elbow

    • 4 24 12 min core floor - get your ball, put it between your legs and let work that core!

    • 4 30 16 min floor with ball. Roll downs with ball between legs, various isometric moves using the ball. This was a pretty intense 16 minutes. Just saying...

    • 5 10 43 min BALL FLOOR (also under floor) - brain/body fitness floor stretch series, neck stretch, ttwist, extended linear stretch, roll downs with ball between knees, sit ups, leg lifts, ball between ankles for toe dips, side to side hips, ball under sh

    • 5 13 15 min ball floor - roll downs with ball then did some other moves using ball between legs and under tush!

    • 5 16 20 min ball floor - Seated neck stretch, t-twist stretch, lateral back stretch, roll downs, ball between legs with some moves, ball under tush for some moves and then awesome legs with tush on the ball.

    • 5 29 19 min floor with ball. Roll downs and ups with ball, bridge with tushie lifts, ball between knees for a series. ball under mid back for a release, seated with legs out and ball roll forward then to each side. Done!

    • 6 4 BALL floor 21 minute - roll downs, ball between knees with a series of moves (bridges then sit ups, toe touches, reverse curl), ball at mid back for chest opening sit ups, ball under tush for leg lifts, roll ups, seated roll forwards and sides.

    • 6 11 32 min ball floor - I LOVE this class. Began with roll downs, mid back opening sit ups, side crunches, ball between knees for pelvic curls, side to side, progression with upper lift/legs down/lower leg drop and reverse curl/lower, rolling like a bal

    • 6 14 26 min ball floor - ball between knees roll downs and roll ups, ball under mid back for sit ups, ball under shoulders for side twists, ball under tushie for a bunch of moves, roll ups

    • 6 25 46 min combo- you'll need a ball. Began standing warm up then to floor for a ball workout. Roll downs, ball behind mid back for sit ups and lower belly, roll up to forward roll, saw, side series, ball under tail awesome legs, kneeling sides.

    • 7 8 22 min ball floor - extended linear stretch, in outs, seated twists, floor with ball at mid back for back stretch to sit ups, side series and final front stretch.

    • 7 13 40 min BALL FLOOR (also posted there) - began standing with a warm up and arm series, floor for roll downs, transverse lower abs, mid back sit ups and leg lifts, roll ups to forward stretch and saw, floor for 3 bridges, ball between knees and then un

    • 7 25 15 min ball floor - roll downs, ball in mid back for full series/sit ups and tush lifts, lying on belly for extensions, lat stretch then hip stretch! Felt great!

    • 7 30 45 min ball floor - brain/body floor stretch, ball behind tush, ball mid-back, ball under tush, ball on our sides, ball under chest. Yep!!! Full body. Hope you enjoy this class

    • 8 22 22 min ball floor - seated ball behind sacrum roll downs, ball under shoulder blades, seated ball roll forwards, side series, crossed leg stretches. Nice floor workout in just 22 minutes!

    • 8 31 20 min floor - seated lower back stretch to roll downs, ball at mid back for that series with sit ups, tushie lift sit ups, leg lift sit ups, sides for side series and done!

    • 9 3 30 min floor ball - Extended Linear stretch, roll downs with lower back stretch, ball under mid back for that series, ball under sides for that series. Good workout!

    • 11 5 33 min floor with ball - this was a relatively intense class! Began with ball between knees roll downs to warm up back. Ball between knees, between ankles, under thoracic spine, seated forward bend, saw, sides for that series,ball under sacrum

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Blissful Praise

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I'm So Much Calmer And I'm Sleeping Better.


Your stretching class is helping me so much! My stiff back is so much looser and my neck and shoulders aren't nearly as tight and sore. What I find is really interesting is that it's even helping me emotionally. I'm so much calmer and I'm sleeping better.

In just 3 classes, I found The Pain In Both Places Was Completely Gone.


I am so blown away by the results I'm getting from taking the Stretch Class. I started the class because I was feeling a lot of tightness and pain in my hips and it was affecting my knees. In just 3 classes, I found the pain in both places was completely gone. And if that wasn't exciting enough...I lost 1.5 inches across my lower belly. I haven't been able to lose there EVER!

I loved being able to do these classes right in my living room and not having to go out and fight the traffic.


My doctor told me to take up yoga as a way to relax and loosen up my body. I tried a few classes and didn't enjoy them at all. I was skeptical that taking this Stretch Class online was going to be any different. Boy was I wrong. Renee showed me how to modify every move and support my body using pillows. I loved being able to do these classes right in my living room and not having to go out and fight the traffic. I am amazed at how much better I feel and I've only taken 2 classes so far.

These Stretch Classes aren't like "exercise".


These Stretch Classes aren't like "exercise". I find them to be more like moving meditations. The slow, thoughtful movements put me into such a relaxed state. I can tell my nervous system is calming down and my sleep is so much better on the days I'm in class.

Who wouldn't love to get on the floor with their favorite pillows, relax and transform their body?


I have a new addiction...Relax and Release Stretch Class! Who wouldn't love to get on the floor with their favorite pillows, relax and transform their body? I'm in!

I start out thinking I will just do 10 minutes


I start out thinking I'll just do 10 minutes of the Stretch Class and before I know it...50 minutes has gone by. I feel relaxed and ready to take on the rest of my day.

I've Been Able To Get A Good's Night Sleep!


Ever since I started taking the Stretch Class, I've been able to get a good nights sleep! I can now feel how much more relaxed in my body and my nervous system is responding. I never expected to experience this great benefits.


CMO (Chief Movement Officer)

Renee McLaughlin

Renee McLaughlin is a health and somatic educator, speaker, motivator, and trainer with over 25 years of success stories from her clients. She has a Master of Science degree in Natural Health and is a certified Gentle Somatic Yoga Practitioner, Somatic Stretch Educator and T-Tapp Master Trainer. Renee is passionate about sharing her love of mindful movement and the power it has to help us get out of pain, increase flexibility and heal us at all levels...body, mind and even spirit!