Trim, Tighten and Tone with 30 Minute Complete T-Tapp Classes!

Check out this Recorded Class Package!

T-Tapp has been called "the incredible inch loss, fat burning workout"!  Why? Because it absolutely works to help you trim, tighten and tone your entire body.

Imagine a workout that is just 30 minutes long, completely non-impact, uses no equipment in just 3 feet of space and it yet it gives you amazing results.

  • Tighten up legs, hips and tushie
  • Tightens up the batwing granny arms
  • Whittles the middle
  • Reduces back fat and bra pudge
  • Increases your energy and strength
  • Decreases anxiety and depression
  • Modulates hormones
  • Improves digestion and elimination
  • Is very lymphatic so great for detoxing
  • Helps rehabilitate joints

I know you are extremely busy and finding it super hard to take time for YOU.  That's why every class in this package is only 30 minutes. 

You can even break them up.  Maybe 15 minutes in the morning and finish later in the day!  It all works to help you look and feel your best. 

These classes were all recorded from my 30 minute live sessions.  There are 12 standing, 3 walking and even 3 floor classes in this package.  

Tons of variety to keep both your body AND your brain challenged and moving forward.  

You will get unlimited access to these classes so what are you waiting for?  Come experience the power of the T-Tapp Method of movement for yourself. woman who participated in one of the live class sessions told us she had lost 2# off her abs in just 9 classes!  That is just 4.5 hours of tapping over 3 weeks and she said it was all she did differently!!!

Ready to be your own success story?

Ready to finally get the results from T-Tapp You've been wanting?

You'll get 18 T-Tapp Classes with unlimited access! That's just $3.77 cents a class!!! What are you waiting for? Get started NOW!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to this 30 Minute T-Tapp Class package

    • How to get the most out of this package of classes!

  • 2

    Standing Workouts

    • Warm up to PBS through fascia jazz twist! Plus hoe downs!

    • PBS, Pumps, Plies with butterflies, fascia jazz twist with up/downs and rotations, box (YIKES), hoe downs!

    • Pbs, pumps, plies w butterflies and jumping jacks, SF Reach Scoop, fascia jazz up down and twist, SF oil wells, hoes with the back move. And done!!

    • Clap ways, pbs, arm pumps, plies with butterflies and jumping jacks, reach scoop to jazz twist combo, balance, speed skaters, hoe downs with back.

    • Claps, pbs, pumps, plies with 2 arms, reach scoop, fascia stretches then jazz twist, twist stretches, hip turns to open in hips, hoe downs!

    • Clap ways to pbs, pumps with neck stretch, plies with some different arms, reach scoop, Jazz twist, Box, lots of arm work, twist stretch, slow hoes

    • Claps, pbs, pumps, plies with foot presses, butterflies and chest presses, reach scoop, jazz twist, hip openers, hoe down slowed down with hip activation.

    • Pbs, pumps, lunge series, balance series and hoe downs. Doesn't look like much but it packed a punch! xoxo

    • Began with PBS, Pumps with neck, plies with chest presses, Sr. Fit reach scoop to jazz twist, hip openers, hoe down variation, twist stretches with ribs up, reg. hoe downs!!

    • Clap aways to pbs to pumps with neck stretch, plies wide and then narrow stance with arm series, reach/scoop, jazz twist, box to hoe downs and...done!

    • Ladybug PBS, plies with heal lifts then butterflies and jumping jacks, reach scoop, jazz twist with up downs, thread the needles, twist stretch, hoe downs with back. DONE!!

    • Pelvic floor! Breathing and pelvic floor engagement to begin. Pbs, Pumps, Plies, fascia jazz twist with up downs and twists, twist stretches and hoe downs!

  • 3

    Walking Classes

    • Let's WALK! I did a lot of walking technique in this class. We worked it all though! Learn some fun ways to get more out of all your walking. Can't wait to hear your experience! xoxo

    • We began with a nice slow pace, added a lot of arms, some side steps, step lift series and ended with a stretch. A fun, energizing class!

    • Warm up and off to our walk. We walked and focused on working in all planes (front/back, side/side and to the back) and on working on core. Learned the "new" balance stepping move Stretched after! Enjoy!

  • 4

    Floor Classes

    • Roll downs, in/outs, neck stretch, twist, pretty legs, pretzel twist! Ta DA!!!! You will need either a "pilates ball", small pillow or roll of paper towels to assist with the roll downs!

    • Grab a ball/pillow/paper towel roll and let's go. Roll downs to big W, in outs, brain/body pretty legs, hip openers, crab claws!, ball behind tushie roll down quakes, ball behind blades for sit ups, ball under tail for Awesome legs,

    • Roll downs with explanations, Big W's, rotations, floor for organs, frogs, sit ups, rotation sits, sides for diva. DONE!!!

Social proof: testimonials

Lost a size in just one week

Susan C

I had never gotten any results doing T-Tapp on my own. When I started doing Renee's classes, I couldn't believe how much more I was able to feel each move. I actually lost a whole size in just one week doing her classes. I was pretty amazed!

I FINALLY got it!

Judy C

I could never figure out how to do the t-tapp moves right and it just frustrated me. Then I found Renee and her classes. She slows it all down and does such a great job at explaining it all. Now I finally get it and I'm getting the results I've always wanted. Take her classes. You won't regret it.

I am so much stronger

Gina R

When I first started taking Renee's t-tapp classes, I was so weak and unfit. Because she does the moves in a way I could follow her, I quickly gained strength and after just a short period of time, I was actually able to finish a 30 minute class. These classes are life-changing.

Lost 2 inches off my abs in just a few classes

Amanda P.

I couldn't believe it! I lost 2 inches off my abs in just one week of doing Renee's t-tapp classes.

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