Have you tried everything to get out of pain and nothing has worked?

That doesn't have to be the truth any longer. Gentle Somatic Stretch incorporates slow, mindful movements that amplify body awareness. This helps the body to release what it's been holding on to. Which in turn reduces pain.

This is done through sequences called Somatic Movement Flows® that are ideal for unwinding stiffness, pain & postural imbalances. On top of dramatically increasing flexibility through brain-to-muscle re-education.

Gentle Somatic Stretch classes help to diminish, lessen, and even eliminate these chronic conditions:

  • Chronic Lower Back Pain
  • Poor Posture
  • Sciatica
  • Stiff Neck & Shoulders
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Arthritis
  • Headaches & Migraines
  • Knee Injuries
  • TMJ
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Scoliosis
  • Joint Pain
  • Hip Pain
  • PTSD
  • Hamstring Tightness

Pain No Longer Has To Be Your Narrative

Join me over the next 30-days for all my Gentle Somatic Stretch classes and truly feel the difference in your body!

With this package you will get access to every live Gentle Somatic Stretch class for 30-days as well as a handful of recorded classes to do any time you would like.

**Note: This is a 30-day monthly subscription for live classes. You will be billed every month from the day you sign up.**

You can view my class schedule here:

Experience Gentle Somatic Stretch live Online for 30 days

  • $59.00 / month

    Join in live online PLUS get select recorded classes to use any time.

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    How to join the live classes!

    • Joining the live classes is super simple! Just click the link and come on in!

  • 2

    30 minutes and under Gentle Somatic Stretch classes

    • 23 min stretch - began seated for a scan and then did the Lighthouse! Serious brain re-patterning and releasing long held contractions.

    • 20 min floor stretch - began with lower back and ab stretches with roll down, arch/flatten sit ups (powerful), SI release, Cat cow and done!

    • 20 min GSY (gentle somatic yoga) - Baby pose roll down, pelvic rocks, hip opener, seated torso twist, somatic head rolls, scan.

    • 20 min stretch flow. Began on back for full cat series (works whole body) ended with a kneeling cat/cow/spiral.

    • 3 3 33 min gsy - body scan with breath, arch flatten with arms at side, then with arms at head, roller pins arms with legs, on belly for belly x's, side for side rolls (new move), yawn, on back for back x's and scan. Really nice class. Super rel

  • 3

    60 minute Gentle Somatic Stretch classes

    • 60 min Stretch - spine, neck rolls, spirals, neck release, hip release, lighthouse, hamstring release, inner thigh stretch, lower back/ab stretches and roll downs, arch/flatten sit ups, scan

    • 60 min stretch. spine, pelvic rocks, neck rolls, heart activation, hip opener, seated twist, floor for cat series and clock!

    • 60 min stretch - seated scan, heart activation, foot sliders for neck release, seated twist for neck/shoulder release, floor for full cat series.

    • 5 7 50 min GSY - spine, lower leg, spirals, hip openers, floor for arch/flatten sit ups, pearls on a necklace, psoas, body yawn, scan!

    • 4 30 60 min gsy - spine roll, spiral, lower leg, upper spiral with breath, sides for shoulder/hip, floor for arch/flatten sit ups, pearls on a necklace, psoas release, body yawn, scan.

    • 4 27 50 min gsy - began standing with roll down and back lengthener, outer ham forward bend, hip releaser, cat series, hip lifter, psoas release, cat cow and spiral.

    • 5 11 60 min gsy - began standing with roll down and back lengthening, shoulders, floor for spine, outer hamstring, inner thigh, quad series, seated twist, arch/flatten, legs to side, body yawn

    • 5 28 54 min gsy - began standing with roll downs and back lengthener. shoulder release, floor for spiral, breathing, inner thigh, lots of roll down focusing on working abs, arch/flatten, legs out to sides, spiral twist. scan

    • 8 13 60 min gsy - began with foot sliders, spine, outer hams, spiral with pandiculations, neck stretches, lighthouse, sides for shoulder/hips, floor for arch/flatten, clock, scan

    • 8 29 GSY - spine, foot sliders, hip release, spirals, outer hams, lighthouse, inner thighs, on back for arch/flatten, groin releases, hip lift with shoulder schrug flow, scan

Blissful Praise

See what others have experienced from these classes

Renee brings best training in the industry

Judy Henry

I met Renee' in 2013 when my doctor suggested I seek her help to rehabilitate a shoulder injury I had sustained the previous year. She was the first healthcare professional since my injury to believe in my recovery. My work with her accelerated my recovery tremendously, and the fringe benefit was that I also reshaped my body! I even won my category in T-Tapp's 60-Day Challenge contest in 2014. Renee' is always looking for ways to incorporate the latest fitness science into her work and is one of the most giving and loving people I know. Whether it is T-Tapp or Stretch and Sculpt, I can confidently rely on Renee' to bring me the best training in the industry. I am most grateful to have found her!

Stretch Classes Most beneficial of all classes!

Tammy Harris

I have had Teresa Tapp's DVDs for a couple of years, I love her work outs, however, I had a difficult time keeping up with her, until I discovered Renee's T-Tapp approach. I love the walking work outs. I recently obtained the Ladybug work out, and of course had a difficult time getting through it. then by coincidence, Renee started a Ladybug challenge on her facebook page, I incorporate the two and am having success! I love Renee's spunkiness, transparency and compassion! I feel the walking workouts are the best, but am discovering the stretching classes to be most beneficial! love you Renee!

I am finally pain FREE!

Julie Firth

I stopped working out or doing any type of activity years ago after an auto-accident and what a mistake. Two years ago I started having horrible Sciatica pain and sought Chiropractic services. It helped relieve the pain, but it kept coming back. I do not have any physical back problems according to an MRI. It is all due to a lack of inactivity and a sedentary life. I started moving again with Renee attending her Sculpting & Stretching sessions 2 months ago and now I am pain free! Renee has an unbelievable connection with her clients and knows exactly what you need when you explain your symptoms to her. Did I mention the inch loss you get with the Sculpting & Stretching? I have lost 6 inches and 11 lbs. Renee has a talent for instruction like no other. You will be very pleased with your results and how quickly you see your body change.

Privilage to be able to get this level of expertise from your home

Tamie Bisbee

Renee's classes are truly one-of-a kind. The knowledge and expertise she brings to each class makes them above and beyond what's expected. I have experienced a variety of health benefits including stress relief, inch loss, improved quality of sleep, along with my muscles being in a more relaxed state. No need to go to the gym. It's a wonderful privilege to be able to get amazing training right in your own home!

Gentle Somatic Yoga classes are as essential to your health as brushing your teeth

Terrie Ferguson

Renee, I will be forever grateful that you were willing to take the time to help me understand what was happening to my body. I had reached the point, due to adrenal fatigue, that a good nights sleep was a distant memory and the simple act of walking left me feeling exhausted. Discouraged does not even begin to describe how I was feeling. You helped me realize that stretching was my best friend and that other workouts you offer would come in time. I purchased your stretching packing allowing me to choose anywhere from 20 - 60 minutes knowing that if all I could do was 10 minutes it would begin my healing. Just after one stretching class I slept like a baby, already feel stronger and have more energy. I have come to realize that this is not something that I do...if I have time. I have come to the realization that this is as important as brushing my teeth.


CMO (Chief Movement Officer)

Renee McLaughlin

Renee McLaughlin is a health and somatic educator, speaker, motivator, and trainer with over 25 years of success stories from her clients. She has a Master of Science degree in Natural Health and is a certified Gentle Somatic Yoga Practitioner, Somatic Stretch Educator and T-Tapp Master Trainer. Renee is passionate about sharing her love of mindful movement and the power it has to help us get out of pain, increase flexibility and heal us at all levels...body, mind and even spirit!