Ready to Feel Comfortable in Your Body?

Increase Your Energy, Flexibility, Mobility and Vitality! This is the Promise of Gentle Somatic Stretch!

Gentle Somatic Stretch is...

A very gentle, relaxing, yet powerful way to release the (conscious and unconscious) tension you are holding in your body.  When you release this tension, you reduce aches and pains.  Your flexibility and mobility improve.  You start to feel more like your best, young self again.

These classes not only help you relax your muscles, they also relax your entire nervous system.  

There are 2 HUGE reasons this is mission critical!

1. This is one of the very best things you can do to relieve your…STRESS!!!  At least 90% of all chronic illness is directly related to our STRESS!  

Imagine all the benefits you might experience when you are able to simply relax!  We spend most of our waking life with our nervous system in sympathetic "fight or flight" mode.  These classes move you quickly into parasympathetic "rest and rejuvenate" mode.  This allows your body to heal itself! 

BTW…one of the reasons we develop insulin resistance is STRESS and our inability to get enough sleep. It creates excess belly fat that is so hard to burn off.  I know it sounds kind of wild but…when you do these classes and relax your whole body including the nervous system…you sleep better, your stress level goes down, your insulin resistance improves and guess what happens to your excess belly fat?

So many of my clients find they can finally get a good night’s sleep after taking these classes!!! 

Challenged with depression and anxiety?  

Science has proven movement to be one of the best prescriptions to help you improve.   Gentle Somatic Stretch classes are a wonderful way to move your body slowly, gently relaxing your body and moving out of those darkened places.

Gentle Somatic Stretch invites us to go “inside” to find the places we need to relax…and release all our tension.  

Brain To Body Re-Patterning

In Gentle Somatic Stretch classes, you will be doing "flows" that will re-train your brain to release the muscles it is holding in contracted, tight positions. When you relax your nervous system, it allows the brain to learn in a more fluid way.  These movement "flows" are actually re-patterning your brain to body connection.

Why is this important?  Because it allows you to "un-do" the movement patterns you have been doing that have been creating the pain, discomfort, lack of mobility and flexibility you are now living with.    

Once you've released those tight, contracted muscles and bound up fascia, you will experience a new found joy in your body.  

Your pain, immobility and poor flexibility  will be reduced while your energy levels will soar. 

The New Stretching

Gentle Somatic Stretch isn't like any other kind of stretching you might have tried. There are no complicated poses you need to get into.  You aren't "trying" to look a certain way or achieve anything. close your eyes and go "into" your own body to sense where you are holding your tension.  

NOTE: The word somatic mean that you will be experiencing (sensing) your body from the INSIDE.  Listening to the incredible wisdom it has to share with you.  YOur body is constantly giving you messages about what it needs.  But we are too busy "in our heads" trying to push our own agenda to listen.  Until the messages get louder and louder...

You will be doing "flows" designed to re-pattern your brain allowing it to release and lengthen the muscles that are currently being held.

Gentle Somatic Stretch Classes are truly the next level of Mind/Body/Spirit in movement.  

I know you are going to love doing these classes and be blown away by the results you will feel!!!

Classes are done on the floor.  I recommend you have lots of pillows around you for support, grab your favorite beverage, put a note on your door: “Do NOT disturb!  I’m relaxing into my flexible, joyful body!!!” 

Let’s get you feeling and looking incredible NOW…

What You Get

  • 1

    Welcome to the world of Gentle Somatic Stretch

    • Benefits of Doing Gentle Somatic Yoga

  • 2

    How to get the most out of these classes

    • Tips to Get the MOST out of your Gentle Somatic Stretch Classes

  • 3

    Short(er) Gentle Somatic Stretch Classes

    • 11 min floor stretch - Hip openers and inner thigh release! Ta da done!

    • 15 min floor stretch - roll downs, T-Tapp brain/body fitness flow, arch/flatten sit ups, on belly for somatic neck release, shoulder releases, back to seated and done!

    • 18 minute short flows to release neck and shoulder tension! Seated shoulder releases and onto floor for somatic neck release. Put this in your toolbox for when your neck and shoulders are tight!!

    • 20 min hip flow - spirals, back stretches, onto back for lower back/hip release flow. Cat/cow to spirals, childs pose and up! A nice short but powerful flow!

    • 20 min- Baby pose roll down, pelvic rocks, hip opener, seated torso twist, somatic head rolls, scan.

    • 23 min stretch - began seated for a scan and then did the Lighthouse! Serious brain re-patterning and releasing long held contractions.

    • 30 min somatic class - very relaxing - on back whole time. X's, arch and flattens, roller pins, pearls, clock, hip release. Enjoy!

  • 4

    Gentle Somatic Stretch - 60 minutes

    • NEW NEW NEW!!!! This class was fab so I had to add it here for you!!!! Get ready to REALLY relax and release in this class - On our backs for x's, arch/flatten/curl, rollerpin arms, side for side release,invert/evert hip florw, diagonal

    • 60 min - spirals, opening shoulders/chest, lower leg, hip stretches/pigeon, lighthouse, spine stretch on floor, hip stretches, hip release,shoulder joint rotations, body sensing.

    • 60 min - began on back for X's, arch/flatten sit ups, hip release (invert/evert), roller pin arms, belly for neck release, looking over shoulders, side release, elbow to knee, psoas release and scan!

    • 60 min- arch/flatten sit ups, pearls on a necklace, hip release, hamstring release, neck release and shoulder work on belly, to seated spirals, baby roll down, open leg, hip, scan!

    • 60 min - NO seated crossed legs!!- began on back arch/flatten/sit ups, roller pin arms, belly neck stretches, looking over shoulder, side releases, inner thigh release,hip invert/evert, scan!

    • 60 min - GREAT class - on back for arch/flatten series, rolling pin arms, belly for neck release and then x's, side for side release,back for invert/exvert hip release, elbow to opp knee, hamstring release, yawn, meditation/scan. So relaxing

    • 60 min - spirals, open legs with massage roll downs and chest opener, lower leg, foot sliders, hamstring release, lighthouse, floor arch flatten sit ups, psoas release, shoulder joint rotation and scan. Very relaxing

    • 58 min- Began class either on floor or in a chair. I do all the seated moves in a chair to show how your can do this too. Scan,head rolls, foot sliders, lighthouse. Then to floor for arch/flatten, hip/shoulder move, frogs, scan.

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See how Gentle Somatic Stretch classes have helped others...

I can't believe how well I sleep after taking a Gentle Somatic Yoga class with Renee

Judy A

These classes amaze me. I can finally get a great night's sleep after taking a class. It's like all the tension in my body drains out and I'm able to relax and let my body sleep. Better than any sleeping pill I've ever taken and the only side effects are that I feel so much better.

I can lift my arm over my head after just 2 classes

Susan P

I had a shoulder injury that left me with so much pain in that shoulder and I couldn't lift my arm past my shoulder without screaming. I swear...after only 2 classes I was able to bring my arm over my head. I can still feel where it's healing but I can't believe the difference. I'm blown away by these classes!

I finally got my whole left side to release. What a relief!

Cyn P

I have had a painful tight left side shoulder and arm for as long as I can remember. I'm always uncomfortable. I started taking these Gentle Somatic Yoga class with Renee and got immediate relief. But it took about 2 months of doing the classes consistently to now be able to say...I have no more pain and immobility on that side. I will never stop taking these classes! They keep my sanity!

GSY has completely changed my a very positive way!

Catherine S

I don't have enough words to explain how much these classes have helped me. So much less pain, huge increases in mobility and in my flexibility. When I get into pain, I now know which moves to do to get out of pain. They have also allowed me to maintain my peace during very stressful times. These classes have been my life raft...literally!

I had NO IDEA how to relax before these classes!

Linda G

I had absolutely NO idea how to relax in my body before these classes. I didn't even realize I wasn't relaxed. At first, it was almost torture to just lay on the floor and try to relax. I resisted it completely. But I get such relief from my pain after the classes, that I kept coming back. Now, I feel like a completely different person. I now can tell when I'm getting stressed and tense in my body and I now know how to breathe and release the tension. It's been amazing.


CMO (Chief Movement Officer)

Renee McLaughlin

Renee McLaughlin is a health and somatic educator, speaker, motivator, and trainer with over 25 years of success stories from her clients. She has a Master of Science degree in Natural Health and is a certified Gentle Somatic Yoga Practitioner, Somatic Stretch Educator and T-Tapp Master Trainer. Renee is passionate about sharing her love of mindful movement and the power it has to help us get out of pain, increase flexibility and heal us at all levels...body, mind and even spirit!