Imagine Feeling and Looking Incredible In Your Body.. Flexible, Energetic and FIT!

This is the result of doing these gentle yet powerful somatic stretch classes.

Gentle Somatic Stretch Class is a very gentle, relaxing, yet powerful way to release the tension you are holding in your body.  When you release this tension, you reduce aches and pains.  Your flexibility and mobility improve.  You start to feel more like your best, young self again.

These classes not only help you relax your muscles, they also relax your entire nervous system.  There are 2 HUGE reasons this is mission critical

(1) This is one of the very best things you can do to relieve your…STRESS!!!  Imagine all the benefits you might experience when you are able to simply relax!  We spend most of our waking life with our nervous system in sympathetic "fight or flight" mode.  These classes move you quickly into parasympathetic "rest and rejuvenate" mode.  

(2) You will be doing "flows" that will re-train your brain to release the muscles it is holding in contracted, tight positions.  When you relax your nervous system, it allows the brain to learn in a more fluid way.  

Why Relaxation is Important

So many of my clients find they can finally get a good night’s sleep after taking these classes!!!  

BTW…one of the reasons we develop insulin resistance is STRESS and our inability to get enough sleep. It creates excess belly fat that is so hard to burn off.  I know it sounds kind of wild but…when you do these classes and relax your whole body including the nervous system…you sleep better, your stress level goes down, your insulin resistance improves and guess what happens to your excess belly fat?

Challenged with depression and anxiety?  Science has proven movement to be one of the best prescriptions to help you improve.   Relax and Release Stretch classes are a wonderful way to move your body slowly, gently relaxing your body and  moving out of those darkened places.

I think of these classes more like a “moving meditation” allowing us to go “inside” to find where we need to relax…and release all our tension.  

The New Stretch

I call them the "new stretch" because there are no complicated poses you need to get into.  You aren't "trying" to look a certain way or achieve anything. close your eyes and go "into" your own body to see where you are holding your tension.  

You will be doing "flows" designed to re-pattern your brain allowing it to release and lengthen the muscles that are currently being held.

Gentle Somatic Stretch Classes are truly the next level of Mind/Body/Spirit in movement.  

I know you are going to love doing these classes and be blown away by the results you will feel!!!

Classes are done on the floor and I recommend you have lots of pillows around you for support, grab your favorite beverage, put a note on your door: “Do NOT disturb!  I’m relaxing into my FIT, joyful body!!!” 

Let’s get you feeling and looking incredible NOW…

Class Details

I understand that when I act NOW, I get instant access to all the classes in this Gentle Somatic Stretch class package.

This includes:

  • (2) 15 minute classes
  • (1) 20 minute classes
  • (2) 23 minute classes
  • (1) 25 minute classes
  • (3) Full 60 Minute classes

You’ll not only have instant access to these classes…you’ll always have them right there for you to do and benefit from! 

If you were to go to a studio to do these classes, it would cost you at least $80 and you’d only be able to do each class that one time.  You’d also have to stop what you are doing, get in the car, fight traffic, drive to the studio, take the class and come all the way home.  

Instead, you can go to your computer, laptop, ipad and even your phone.  Log into your secure portal and VOILA!   You are ready to relax, release, rejuvenate and rejoice in your newly found relaxed body!

Most of the time, we pay more for this kind of convenience but not here.  Instead, you will receive access to all these classes for just a one-time payment of ….$47.00!

By The Way...  Don’t just take my word about the results you’ll get from these classes…scroll below the curriculum to see what other amazing women have found!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Your Gentle Somatic Stretch Recorded Classes

    • Benefits of Doing These Gentle Somatic Stretch "Relax and Release" Classes

    • Tips to Get the MOST out of your Relax and Release Stretch Classes

    • This video will give you some modifications you can use to get the most out of your classes. Gather pillows, scarf, folded blankets...

  • 2

    Gentle Somatic Stretch Classes

    • How to access your classes

    • BRAND NEW! I just added this class we did on 4/18 because it was so relaxing and releasing. HIghly recommend doing this class when you need to just let it all go! We began on our backs. I included the moves we did on the text under the video.

    • 33 min gsy - body scan with breath, arch flatten with arms at side, then with arms at head, roller pins arms with legs, on belly for belly x's, side for side rolls (new move), yawn, on back for back x's and scan. Really nice class. Super rel

    • 1 23 15 minute stretch. Began with a cat/cow, to hamstring release, hip release, inner thigh stretch, quad stretch...done!

    • 15 min floor stretch. Seated back/spine stretches, inner thigh/hamstring/pelvis stretch, roll downs for back and abs. Ended with an upright spiral! Enjoy this short stretch sequence!

    • NEW!!! 10 8 16 min Neck and shoulder flows! Began with somatic neck release (PLEASE listen to cues to protect neck) and on to a variety of shoulder and upper back releases. GREAT set to do whenever you have been at the computer, life!

    • 20 minute floor stretch. Relax neck, shoulders and back. Open in hips and psoas. Great class to do once a day to keep your body feeling great.

    • 1 25 23 min stretch. We did the new "lighthouse" flow to release...everything. Then quad stretch series. This is a great one to do if you only have time for one flow.

    • 25 minute stretch - hamstring, spine, spirals, inner/outer thighs, hips and calves. Lots in just 25 minutes

    • 60 min. spine, pelvic roll, neck rolls, heart activation, lower leg stretch, hip opener, lighthouse, floor for arch/flatten sit ups and clock. Body scan.

    • 60 min stretch - began with cat/cow/childs pose with pandiculation, neck rolls, lower leg, seated spine twists, hip opener, hamstring release, inner thigh, quad, floor to "swimming frogs", come to standing

    • 60 min gsy - began standing with roll down and back lengthen, spine stretch, spiral, foot sliders, side twist for hips/shoulders, lighthouse, quad stretch, cat cow with spirals, body scan

Join NOW and get instant access!

These classes would cost $80 or more if you could even find a studio who offers them. But right now you can enjoy these benefits for just $47.00!

Blissful Praise for These Relax and Release Stretch Classes!

Neck and Shoulders looser and better sleep


Your stretching class is helping me so much! My stiff back is so much looser and my neck and shoulders aren't nearly as tight and sore. What I find is really interesting is that it's even helping me emotionally. I'm so much calmer and I'm sleeping better.

Pain in hips gone. 1.5 inches off lower belly


I am so blown away by the results I'm getting from taking the Stretch Class. I started the class because I was feeling a lot of tightness and pain in my hips and it was affecting my knees. In just 3 classes, I found the pain in both places was completely gone. And if that wasn't exciting enough...I lost 1.5 inches across my lower belly. I haven't been able to lose there EVER!

Body so much looser after just 2 classes


My doctor told me to take up yoga as a way to relax and loosen up my body. I tried a few classes and didn't enjoy them at all. I was skeptical that taking this Stretch Class online was going to be any different. Boy was I wrong. Renee showed me how to modify every move and support my body using pillows. I loved being able to do these classes right in my living room and not having to go out and fight the traffic. I am amazed at how much better I feel and I've only taken 2 classes so far.

Can't believe how much better I feel after just a couple of classes


I run a home-based business and spend hours sitting at the computer and on the phone. It has taken such a toll on my body. There are days I get up and feel practically crippled. Not only that, but my health is suffering. When I heard about these Stretch Classes and learned I can do them right here in my home, I figured it was worth a try. The best thing I've done for myself EVER. In just a few classes, I was able to sit up straight and take a deep breath again. My hips and back weren't aching and stiff. Even my neck and shoulders have started to release. What I've also found interesting is when I do it in the middle of the day, I'm able to be much more focused and productive.

Love the convenience and the results


I have a super busy life without a lot of time to take care of me. But I was finding this crazy schedule taking a huge toll on my body. I was tight and in pain a lot of the time. I decided to give these classes a try and have been amazed at how much better I feel and how much I CRAVE them. I also love that there are shorter classes and longer classes. While I really want to do the longer classes, sometimes I just don't have that time. Try these Classes!!!!

Constant tight muscle and pain relieved after just one class


I am LOVING the stretch classes! I always have a tight muscle down my lower back, into the hip on the right side. After doing the first class, that tight muscle was gone! I get tight in my neck & shoulders as well, but the stretching has helped with that as well. They're easy to follow, you give plenty of time for the stretches and I can't wait to do more!


CMO (Chief Movement Officer)

Renee McLaughlin

Renee McLaughlin has a Master of Science degree in Natural Health, teaches the “Original Barre” (Lotte Berk method), is a T-Tapp Master Trainer, Somatic Educator, Nia teacher and shares her joy of movement every day. A life-long student of fitness and health, Renee is constantly researching new tools to help her clients on their respective fitness and health journeys. In her three decades of working with hundreds of clients across every level of health and fitness, Renee knows life is movement and movement is life. When you stop moving, you stagnate at all levels (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually), tighten up, dehydrate and increase the aging process. Movement is a powerful healer and when you add the element of joy you will be blown away by how it will transform you body, mind and spirit. Renee teaches a variety of movement programs to give her clients a well rounded, healthy, joyful body and life.