Are you ready to create your best body ever with an expert personal trainer from the comfort of your own home?

Get better results with LESS TIME and LESS EFFORT.

You deserve to have a healthy, toned body that serves you for as long as it possibly can. 

Sadly, most women believe the only way to have the body they desire is through hard, exhausting workouts that require us to go to a gym and workout for hours.  

Do YOU have the time (or DESIRE) to stop what you are doing, leave the house, fight the traffic to go to a sweaty gym, exhaust yourself and then come all the way home again.  

My bet is...YOU don't!!!

Have you ever thought or felt like:

  • I want a great body but don't want to go to the gym?
  • I sit in front of a computer all day and need a way to work out that serves my lifestyle?
  • I feel uncomfortable in yoga studios doing the poses in front of everyone?
  • I know I need to stretch and strengthen my body but I only have a short amount of time to devote to it.
  • I'd love to lose a few inches and tighten up my belt but I've always found it takes a ton of effort and time.
  • The exercise classes I've taken in the past were always so hard.  I couldn't follow the Instructor and I felt totally "uncoordinated".
  • I enjoy having a community of "like minded" women to workout with but don't have the time to go out and find it. 
  • I would love to have an experienced Personal Trainer work with me to make sure I got what I needed, but I don't have the resources to make that happen.

If any of these sound like YOU... You've just found your perfect solution . 

Yes! YOU can have the best body possible without going to the gym.

Yes! YOU can have personal instruction right in your home from an experienced professional personal trainer. 

Yes! YOU can transform your body in your home. 

Join me in my online studio where we meet in person online (super easy to do) and I help YOU transform YOUR body.  These aren't just YOU watching me.  I can see YOU and YOU see me.  It truly is just like being in the same room together because...we are! 

Then after class, you can ask questions, hear how this membership is transforming the lives of the other community members. Many have told me the after session time is the best time of their day! 

Now you really can take these super effective classes without having to leave your home!!!  

How do I know these classes are super effective?  I have studied with some of the top fitness experts in the world including Lillian Jarvis, Suki Munsel and Teresa Tapp.

As a matter of fact...I have been a Master T-Tapp Trainer for over 20 years.  This method of movement has been proven to help you lose 2 sizes in just 4 weeks.  

I combine the T-Tapp method of movement with the latest science of stretching and body toning to give you the best of the best!!!!

If the class schedule isn't convenient on some days...I still have you covered.  You'll be able to come into your secure portal and watch the day's classes recorded!

Don't look now but you are on your way to your best body...EVER!  And all from the comfort of your home!

I Understand When I Act Now, I get Instant Access to the "30 Day Live Classes Plus Recordings" package which includes:

  • All the Live Classes With Renee (at least 30 classes per month) - Classes include "Relax and Release" Stretch Classes, Stretch and Sculpt Classes, Floor Classes, Stretch and Stride (Walking) Classes!  
  • Recordings of all the classes available to YOU In your Secure Portal Just In Case You Can't Come On Live
  • Instruction From Renee To Modify Moves Specifically Tailored To Your Needs
  • I will also get access to the private Facebook Group where I will find more support and even group "Challenges" to be a part of.  
  • After session talks - Ask questions, get support from the community... all in the privacy of your home. 

I understand that the regular price for all this is $179...

But, when I act now, I get instant access to everything for only $119!

To Your Success,


Renee McLaughlin

P.S. - Don't just take my word for it... scroll down below Your Fitness Recordings and take a look at just a few reviews from happy Women Who Wanted To Improve Their Bodies At Home With A Personal Trainer just like you!

Full Class Schedule:

Get 30 Days of Live Classes (and their recordings) From The Privacy Of Your Home

Personal training with me is $85 per hour. If you want 3 times per week, that would be $255 per week or $1020 per month. In this program, YOU get personalized instruction from the privacy of your own home.

Your Fitness Recordings

  • 1
    Instructions For Live Classes
    • How To Access The Live Classes
    • How to Get the BEST results from this package!
  • 2
    Short "Classic" Stretch Flows - NEW SECTION
    • What are "short classic stretch flows"?
    • 1 2 15 minute stretch on the floor. Began seated back stretches, inner thigh/hamstring stretch, roll downs. Ended with a upright spiral. Good short stretch.
    • 1 4 24 minute stretch after standing class. Hip opener, spirals, back stretches.
    • 1 23 15 minute stretch. Began with a cat/cow, to hamstring release, hip release, inner thigh stretch, quad stretch...done!
    • 1 25 23 min stretch. We did the new "lighthouse" flow to release...everything. Then quad stretch series. This is a great one to do if you only have time for one flow.
    • 1 30 23 min stretch - began seated for a scan and then did the Lighthouse! Serious brain re-patterning and releasing long held contractions.
    • 1 31 26 min began with extended linear using our pelvic rocks, hip openers, then our side series (also in short floor)
    • 2 11 20 min short stretch flow - Lighthouse, inner thigh, quad and spiral. xoxo
  • 3
    Stretch Classes
    • Welcome to your Relax and Release Stretch Classes - Benefits
    • Tips To Get the MOST out of these Classes!
    • 1 22 23 min floor stretch. Did a hip opener to begin and on to a spiral Then did our lower back stretch to roll downs. Arch and Flatten to pearls on a necklace. ended with a slowed down cat cow.
    • 1 22 60 min stretch - began with cat/cow/childs pose with pandiculation, neck rolls, lower leg, seated spine twists, hip opener, hamstring release, inner thigh, quad, floor to "swimming frogs", come to standing
    • 1 24 60 min stretch - Did a few new flows. Spine stretch, spirals, lower leg, new "Lighthouse" flow (a-mazing), inner thigh, quad series, new side shoulder flow, arch/flatten sit ups. done!
    • 1 26 60 minute stretch. These classes are getting amazing results! Began with spine, upper spiral, lower leg, hip release, lighthouse (AWESOME), inner thigh, floor to shoulder joint rotation, yawn. cat/cow and done!
    • 1 29 60 minute stretch. began seated with a scan and off to a neck/shoulder flow, upper spiral with breath work, lower leg, floor for a full new cat series with 4 different movement flows to re-pattern whole torso, pearls on a necklace, spine twist, cat/
    • 2 2 60 min stretch. spine roll down, shoulder release, spiral, lighthouse, floor to SI release flow, cat cow to finish!
    • 2 5 60 min stretch! Seated head rolls, side/side with heart (spirals), lighthouse, floor for pearls, psoa release, cat cow, back body release and roll up,done!
    • 2 7 60 min. Began with spine stretch, spiral, hip opener, lighthouse, quad stretch, floor for neck release and clock for lower back and pelvis
    • 2 9 60 min stretch - Outer ham stretch, upper spiral, seated twist, inner thigh, neck release flow, floor for arch/flatten sit ups, SI release flow, cat cow to end
    • 2 12 60 min stretch - spine, heart activation, hip opener, seated twist, neck/shoulder/back release,full cat routine (5 flows), SI release. Ended with a cat/cow and done. I was so relaxed I could barely talk. Enjoy this class!
    • 2 14 60 min stretch. spine, hamstring roll down, neck rolls, 2 different hip releases, lighthouse, floor for arch/flatten, cat/cow, done!
  • 4
    Stretch and Sculpt Classes
    • Welcome to Your Stretch and Sculpt Classes
    • "Toys" To Have For The Stretch and Sculpt Classes
    • 1 10 35 min standing - warm up stretches, back stretch, neck stretches, plies with arms, side stretch, twist with up down lunge and then foot up, box with arms, lat pull leg lifts, hoe downs
    • 1 11 35 min standing! Began with a warm up and back stretch, neck stretches, foot work, plies with more feet, side stretch, curl scoop, twist stretch and backward hoe downs
    • 1 14 35 min standing. Warm up with side lunges, foot warm ups, hip/inner thigh/quad work with plies, twist with foot and foot down, arms, twist series and hoes 2/2/4/4/1
    • 1 15 35 min standing. Warm up with lunge series, Foot/ankle/calf stretches, balance sequence, speed skaters, leg stretches, hoes 1/4/,, Did Floor after so look for that class too!
    • 1 17 40 min standing - short warm up to back stretch, neck stretches, plies, ttn, big side stretches and hoes 4/2/4/2/1 Good class today!
    • 1 22 35 min standing. Active warm up to good long stretches, foot work with leg lifts, plies with feet and w arms, box, twist stretch, hoes 2/4/2/4/1
    • 1 24 35 min standing. Nice relaxed warm up to back stretch, neck stretches, plies with arms, side stretches, arms, twist with foot down, twist stretches, 2 sets hoes 1/2/4
    • 1 25 35 min standing - lots of deep stretches for whole body, foot work, plies with side stretches, arm series, hoes
    • 1 28 35 min standing. Lots of deep stretches today, leg lifts, foot work, plies, oil wells, twist stretch, hoe downs.
    • 1 29 35 min standing. Warm up to back stretch, neck stretches, plies, side stretch, oils, 2 sets hoe downs
    • 1 31 SHORT 23 min standing - Lots of standing stretching in this class. Toning, and arm series!
    • 2 1 43 minute combo class - Did a 23 minute standing workout with lots of deep stretches and then got on the floor for lower back and ab work. Half frogs were rocked in this floor class! Happy February!!!!
    • 2 4 45 min combo - 30 minutes of some great deep stretching. Lots of plies for leg strengthening and energy burning, jazz twists, box with arms at end, tapping hoes. Floor for full side series to melt away your side saddles!
    • 2 7 40 min standing. Lots of stretching and onto our back stretch, neck and shoulders, plies with feet, twist with foot down, tuck and curl, lats to a puppet, speed skaters,twist stretches and backward hoe downs
    • 2 8 40 min standing - stretch warmup, new forward bend release, back stretch, neck stretches, plies, side stretch, twist with foot down, arms, hoe 2/4/2/4/1
    • 2 9 35 min standing. Long deep stretch series, foot/calf/hip stretches, full back release, oil wells, t stretch, hoes
    • 2 11 35 min standing. Nice long warm up, plies, leg lifts front and side, feet/calf/hip stretch, jazz twist with foot up, lawnmowers, hoes
    • 2 12 38 min standing. Stretches and off to back stretch and arm pumps. Plies, side lunge series and a ton of arm work! t twist stretch and hoes!
    • Happy Valentines Day 2/14 48 min combo- Stretching, back stretch, neck stretches, lots of plies, side stretches,hoes, FLOOR for in and outs, pretzel twist.
    • 2 15 38 min standing. Brief stretch and onto back stretch, pumps, neck, plies, side stretch, jazz twist with fascia stretches, curl scoops, twists and hoe downs. VERY Activated workout! Just saying... Check the short floor for today's floor workout
  • 5
    Stretch and Stride (walking classes) - classes that include the walking!
    • How to get more out of your walking workouts- Instructional!
    • Enjoy this 17 minute brain body walk. Short lower leg stretch and off for a brain body walk. Great for the morning!
    • 12 19 41 min. Stretch and Stride - nice warm up with squats and off to our walk.
    • 12 28 38 min stretch and stride - began with a nice warm up including squat series and off for a great walk.
    • 12 29 35 min. stretching and on to the walk.
    • 1 9 Walking class! Nice warm up with our squats to calf/hip stretches and off for a nice long walk. Relaxed releases at the end!
    • 1 12 38 min. Stretch and Stride class! We began with a short warm up including squats and lower legs and then off we went for a great walk. We worked it all. Hope you enjoy it!
    • 1 16 35 minute Stretch and Stride..and more stride than stretch in this one. I enjoyed this class and hope you do too. Nice combo of stretching and then walking and then stretching. Enjoy!
    • 1 23 35 minute walking. Did some stretches with calf/feet/hip and squats and then off for a good walk. Enjoy!
    • 1 26 35 minute walking class. Began with some good stretches and off we went for our walk. Enjoy!
    • 1 30 38 min walking - stretch series and off for a good aerobic walk!
    • 2 2 35 minute walking. Began with a warm up, then squat series and off to a nice walk. Lots of form tips for walking in this class!
    • 2 6 35 min walking. Started with a brief warm up and off we went into our walk. Lots of intervals in this walk increasing heart rate and bringing it back down. Ended with a nice stretch series for feet,legs and a new flow for whole back of body.
    • 2 13 walking. walking warm up, stop for a stretch of feet/calf/hip with squats, off for more walking!
  • 6
    Short Floor Classes (under 30 minutes)