Are you ready to create your best body ever with an expert personal trainer from the comfort of your own home?

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You deserve to have a healthy, toned body that serves you for as long as it possibly can. 

Sadly, most women believe the only way to have the body they desire is through hard, exhausting workouts that require us to go to a gym and workout for hours.  

Do YOU have the time (or DESIRE) to stop what you are doing, leave the house, fight the traffic to go to a sweaty gym, exhaust yourself and then come all the way home again.  

My bet is...YOU don't!!!

Have you ever thought or felt like:

  • I want a great body but don't want to go to the gym?
  • I sit in front of a computer all day and need a way to work out that serves my lifestyle?
  • I feel uncomfortable in yoga studios doing the poses in front of everyone?
  • I know I need to stretch and strengthen my body but I only have a short amount of time to devote to it.
  • I'd love to lose a few inches and tighten up my belt but I've always found it takes a ton of effort and time.
  • The exercise classes I've taken in the past were always so hard.  I couldn't follow the Instructor and I felt totally "uncoordinated".
  • I enjoy having a community of "like minded" women to workout with but don't have the time to go out and find it. 
  • I would love to have an experienced Personal Trainer work with me to make sure I got what I needed, but I don't have the resources to make that happen.

If any of these sound like YOU... You've just found your perfect solution . 

Yes! YOU can have the best body possible without going to the gym.

Yes! YOU can have personal instruction right in your home from an experienced professional personal trainer. 

Yes! YOU can transform your body in your home. 

Join me in my online studio where we meet in person online (super easy to do) and I help YOU transform YOUR body.  These aren't just YOU watching me.  I can see YOU and YOU see me.  It truly is just like being in the same room together because...we are! 

Then after class, you can ask questions, hear how this membership is transforming the lives of the other community members. Many have told me the after session time is the best time of their day! 

Now you really can take these super effective classes without having to leave your home!!!  

How do I know these classes are super effective?  I have studied with some of the top fitness experts in the world including Teresa Tapp, Lillian Jarvis, Suki Munsel and James Knight. 

As a matter of fact...I have been a Master T-Tapp Trainer for over 20 years.  This method of movement has been proven to help you lose 2 sizes in just 4 weeks.  

I combine the T-Tapp method of movement with the latest science of stretching and body toning to give you the best of the best!!!!

If the class schedule isn't convenient on some days...I still have you covered.  You'll be able to come into your secure portal and watch the day's classes recorded!

Don't look now but you are on your way to your best body...EVER!  And all from the comfort of your home!

I Understand When I Act Now, I get Instant Access to the "30 Day Live Classes Plus Recordings" package which includes:

  • All the Live Classes With Renee (at least 30 classes per month) - Classes include T-Tapp Method Inspired " Stretch and Sculpt Classes, Floor Classes, Stretch and Stride (Walking) Classes and Gentle Somatic Yoga classes! 
  • Recordings of all the classes available to YOU In your Secure Portal Just In Case You Can't Come On Live
  • Instruction From Renee To Modify Moves Specifically Tailored To Your Needs
  • I will also get access to the private Facebook Group where I will find more support and even group "Challenges" to be a part of.  
  • After session talks - Ask questions, get support from the community... all in the privacy of your home. 

I understand that the regular price for all this is $179...

But, when I act now, I get instant access to everything for only $99!

To Your Success,


Renee McLaughlin

P.S. - Don't just take my word for it... scroll down below Your Fitness Recordings and take a look at just a few reviews from happy Women Who Wanted To Improve Their Bodies At Home With A Personal Trainer just like you!

Full Class Schedule:

Get 30 Days of Live Classes (and their recordings) From The Privacy Of Your Home and SAVE $80/month!

Personal training with me is $85 per hour. If you want 3 times per week, that would be $255 per week or $1020 per month. In this program, YOU get personalized instruction from the privacy of your own home. for only $99.00!!!

Your Fitness Recordings

  • 1

    Instructions For Live Classes

    • How To Access The Live Classes

    • How to Get the BEST results from this package!

  • 2

    Short 15 Minute Classes! Standing and Floor

    • This is a quick 15 minute class with PBS, plies, reach scoop, t-tapp twist stretch and a set of hoe downs. Great way to boost your metabolism and energy at the end (or beginning) of your day!

    • This was a "different" 15 minute workout. Started out with a short warm up and into PBS. Wide plie stretch and pump. Chair squats then chair squat to leg lifts. left lift to leg back and calf stretches. reach down and up, oil wells, windmills, jazz tw

    • This is a 15 minute class with a core focus. Warm up to side lunge series, step front with arm turns, Reach scoop/jazz twist and ended with hoe downs! 1 2 3 done!

    • This 15 minute class turned out to be a floor class. Started with Extended Linear Stretch. Hoe downs (on the group) with torso side rocks. On to our sides for full side series and then ended with another set of hoes downs. Heart rate was pumping and s

    • This is a great "Challenge within a Challenge" workout. Started with belly tucks, awesome legs, diva derriere, bicycle legs, half frogs. Yep...we got all this deliciousness in within 14 minutes!!!

    • 1 31 SHORT 23 min standing - Lots of standing stretching in this class. Toning, and arm series!

    • 5 24 16 min floor - Full side series using our cushion if needed, ended with a spiral.

    • NEW!!! 10 7 12 Minute Full body workout! PBS, a plie series and a side lunge series! 1 2 3 and done!

    • NEW! 10 9 10 Min. Full body workout ! PBS, pumps, intense plies with rotations and side stretches, ham curls and front leg touch! DONE all in 10 minutes!

    • 10 25 18 min floor sides - Grab your cushie (not needed if you can do it without hip pain) and let's cruise through a full side series!

    • 10 29 14 min floor - Extended linear stretch, pretty legs, hand/wrist/forearm flow. Git er down quick...

  • 3

    Short Gentle Somatic Yoga classes!!! Not a lot of time? Check HERE!

    • What are "short classic stretch flows"?

    • 1 4 24 minute stretch after standing class. Hip opener, spirals, back stretches.

    • 1 23 15 minute stretch. Began with a cat/cow, to hamstring release, hip release, inner thigh stretch, quad stretch...done!

    • 1 25 23 min stretch. We did the new "lighthouse" flow to release...everything. Then quad stretch series. This is a great one to do if you only have time for one flow.

    • 1 30 23 min stretch - began seated for a scan and then did the Lighthouse! Serious brain re-patterning and releasing long held contractions.

    • 1 31 26 min began with extended linear using our pelvic rocks, hip openers, then our side series (also in short floor)

    • 2 11 20 min short stretch flow - Lighthouse, inner thigh, quad and spiral. xoxo

    • 3 1 20 min floor stretch - began with lower back and ab stretches with roll down, arch/flatten sit ups (powerful), SI release, Cat cow and done!

    • 3 8 20 min stretch flow. Spiral, hip opener, hamstring stretch, inner thigh release, on back for arch/flatten sit ups and clock. Body scan and done!

    • 3 11 20 min GSY (gentle somatic yoga) - Baby pose roll down, pelvic rocks, hip opener, seated torso twist, somatic head rolls, scan.

    • 3 13 20 min stretch flow. Began on back for full cat series (works whole body) ended with a kneeling cat/cow/spiral.

    • 3 14 25 min stretch flow - Lighthouse and clock. Powerful 1 2 punch!

    • 3 15 27 min flow - spine release, pelvis rocking, floor for clock, swimming frog legs, spine rotations.

    • 3 25 20 min flow - roll downs, arch/flatten sit ups, psoa's release, clock, cat/cow/spirals and done!

    • 4 26 24 min relaxed stretch. outer ham stretch, spirals, seated back stretch, spine squeegie, inner thigh, quad stretch series

    • 5 31 20 min stretch - spine, pelvic rocks, spiral, seated lateral back stretch, seated twist, somatic seated twist, done!

    • 6 6 22 min stretch - outer hamstring release, spiral, lateral back, twist, floor for clock, little rocks, inner thigh release and big rocks up to seated v.

    • 6 13 29 min gsy - spine, foot sliders, hip release, spirals, seated twist, scan

    • 9 6 15 min stretch on floor - hip releases, spirals, ham release, quad stretch and done!

    • 10 3 20 min sgy - hip openers and new version of Lighthouse! Great to release entire body! Enjoy!

    • 10 8 16 minute Neck release and strengther and a series of shoulder and upper back releases. Use this class whenever you've been sitting hunched up at the computer or driving or ...anytime! It has really helped strengthen my neck!

    • 10 9 17 min flow! Hams, extended linear stretch, quad stretch series! Woo Hoo!!!

    • 10 17 18 min. side shoulder/hip somatic flow. Great move to loosen up your whole shoulder girdle and coordinate shoulder and hips like we do when walking!

  • 4

    Gentle Somatic Yoga Classes

    • Welcome to your Gentle Somatic Yoga Classes - Benefits

    • Tips To Get the MOST out of these Classes!

    • 12 3 60 min gsy - meditation, spine, lower leg, hip opening, sides for shoulder/hip, pearls on a necklace, somatic neck, looking over shoulder, body yawn. scan

    • 11 27 gsy - spine stretch, foot sliders, spiral, seated neck stretch, seated twist, hams, quad, pigeon, arch/flatten advanced situps, neck release, neck strengthener,

    • 11 21 60 min gsy - spine, foot sliders, lower leg, t-twist on floor, hams, inner thigh, quad to a pigeon, somatic neck, shoulders, fascia stretch, scan

    • 11 19 60 min gsy - spine, hams, quad, seated twist, lower leg, somatic pigeon, neck release, full cat series, yawn. Good class!

    • 11 12 60 min gsy - baby stretch, lower leg, foot sliders, spiral, sides for shoulder/hip, somatic neck release and then full shoulder series. On back for inner thigh and full hip opening, psoa release, can.

    • 11 9 58 min gsy - baby pose stretch, seated twist, lower leg stretch, foot sliders, hams, inner thigh, IT band/psoa stretch, open leg frogs, somatic neck release, cat/cow/childs.

    • 11 2 60 gsy - meditation, lower leg stretch, seated twist, quad stretch, somatic pigeon, arch flatten sit ups, pearls, somatic neck release, compass (neck strengthener), cat cow, childs pose and up!

    • 9 19 60 min GSY- 1st one back from certs. Soma scan, breathwork, somatic neck rolls, hip opener, foot sliders, lighthouse, arch/flatten, scan

    • 9 21 60 min gsy, seated soma scan, hip openers, lower leg stretch, lighthouse, quad stretch, somatic pidgeon, 3 new neck/shoulder flows, seated scan.

    • 10 3 58 min GSY. Began class either on floor or in a chair. I do all the seated moves in a chair to show how your can do this too. Scan,head rolls, foot sliders, lighthouse. Then to floor for arch/flatten, hip/shoulder move, frogs, scan.

    • 10 17 60 min gsy - Meditation, shoulders rotations, somatic head rolls, it band stretch, hams, invert/extrovert legs, lighthouse, belly for somatic neck release, Compass for neck, looking over shoulder, arch flatten sit ups and elbow to knee, psoas

    • 10 19 gsy - Began with a breathing focus mediation, pramayama breath, lower leg stretch, IT band stretch, hip, both legs ham, somatic pigeon, lighthouse, belly for neck release, back for head lifts, ended with cat cow.

    • 10 22 60 gsy - breathing meditation, pranayama breath, foot sliders, hip openers, seated twist, somatic pigeon, on belly for somatic neck releases, shoulder flows, back for compass and scan.

    • 10 29 60 min gsy - meditation, pranayama flow, foot sliders, hip openers, back for arch/flatten, pearls on a necklace, swimming frogs, neck and shoulder flows, inner thigh release, psoas, yawn, scan.

    • 11 30 gsy - meditation, baby stretch, lower leg, cat/cow to somatic pigeon, lighthouse, inner thigh, somatic neck release, arch/flatten sit ups, clock, scan.

  • 5

    30 Day Plank Challenge

    • 30 day Plank Challenge Calendar!

    • How to do a plank on the floor!

    • How to do your plank on the seat of a chair

    • How to do a plank against the wall

    • DAY 30 Plank. 2.5 minutes with sides plank. I did this day on the chair! And DONE!

    • DAY 28 plank. 2.5 minute hold with side planks and inch worm towards end!

    • Day 27. 2.30 minutes - side planks towards end. :)

    • DAY 26! 135 second - side planks and inch worm

    • DAY 23 130 second hold with me chattering away! Happy holiday!

    • DAY 22, 120 second hold. YES...YOU CAN! You'll do it and say" OMG...I DID IT"

    • DAY 21 - 110 sec hold with side planks at end!

    • DAY 20 - 110 sec with inchworm towards end

    • DAY 19 Plank - 105 seconds and we all did it after a "upper body" based workout!

    • DAY 18 - 100 seconds again. Felt a little harder because we had a very arm based workout before the plank! But...we did it!

    • Copy of Day 17, 100 sec hold! You certainly can!

    • DAY 16 - 90 sec no music! Just me chitting chatting away!

    • DAY 15 Plank - 90 sec hold...with music!

    • DAY 13 Plank 90 sec hold - cha cha!

    • DAY 12 Plank Challenge - 90 second hold...with Music!

    • DAY 11 Plank Challenge - 60 sec. hold! We did it together!

    • DAY 10 Plank - 60 sec hold

    • DAY 9 Plank - 60 sec hold. YES...YOU CAN. Just do it with me!

    • DAY 8 45 sec plank- I did mine against the wall today because I bruised my fore arm yesterday playing golf. And I did it one week into our plank challenge. LOL!!! YES I DID!

    • DAY 6 Plank Challenge - 45 sec hold

    • Day 4 Plank Challenge - 30 second hold!

    • DAY 5 Plank Challenge - 40 sec hold

    • DAY 3 Plank Challenge - 30 sec hold

    • Day 2 Plank Challenge - 20 second hold again

    • 11 4 DAY 1 20 second hold

  • 6

    T-Tapp Inspired Stretch and Sculpt Classes

    • Welcome to Your Stretch and Sculpt Classes

    • "Toys" To Have For The Stretch and Sculpt Classes

    • 12 5 35 min standing - new warm up series (think you'll like it), pbs, pumps, big plies, fascia jazz, sf oils, twist stretch, hoes with back! Woo hoo!! good workout!

    • 12 4 38 min standing- warm up, roll down, pbs, pumps, feet/leg moves, full side and twists, hoe downs with back. Doesn't sound like a lot is!!!

    • 12 3 33 min standing - roll down warm up, pbs, pumps, Berie hops, lunge series, balance series, lat pulls, hoe downs with added back move. This will activate your muscles and raise your heart rate!

    • 12 2 40 min.- warm up to pbs, pumps, plies, side lunge ttn, fascia jazz, hoes. Fascia intense!

    • 11 30 35 min floor - began with roll downs for back stretch, in/outs, hoe downs, pretty legs, sides for pretzel twist, side series from bbff, done!

    • 11 27 40 min combo - 12 minutes standing warm up. Floor for seated stretches, foot sliders, spirals,lower leg, roll downs, arch/flatten sit ups. GREAT for an "easier" day where you need to stretch out!

    • 11 26 30 min Floor workout - back stretch (floor), in/outs, pretty legs, seated twists, crab claws, side for pretzel twist and done!

    • 11 25 35 min - active warm up to pbs, pumps, hoe downs, foot/leg work, plies with w, reach scoop, fascia jazz with foot down and up, ttwist, hoe downs

    • 11 23 8 min standing stretch, roll down and arm pump. Floor for roll downs, ttwist, in/outs, pretty legs, crab claws, floor for oip, frogs, ladybug, 4 stretch, side ups, done.

    • 11 22 38 min walking type workout. More aerobic with upper body focus. Break at 20 minutes if you want a shorter aerobic workout.

    • 11 21 35 min standing - a very active warm up (all planes), pbs, pumps,tapping hoes, plies, box with added arms, curl/scoop, twist stretch and hoe downs

    • 11 20 35 min - active warm up to pbs, pumps, hoe downs, leg/foot/plie series, Doesn't look like a lot but it was! xoxo

    • 11 19 30 min walking! Begin with an aerobic warm up and onto walking and other full body moves. A little difference type of class today. Hope you enjoy it!

    • 11 18 38 min - active warmup and off to pbs, pumps, hoe downs, activated plies, reach scoop with oip, fascia jazz, oil wells, lawnmowers. hoe downs

    • 11 16 46 min combo - began with a cardio warm up to roll downs. Then floor for roll downs, bbff stretches, roll up to seated twists, in/outs, pretty legs, pretzel twist and done!

    • 11 15 40 min fascia workout - warm up to pbs, hoe downs, pumps, plies, reach scoop, fascia jazz, oil wells, t-twist.

    • 11 14 40 min floor with break at 20 min! Began with standing warm up and then a roll down, floor for our roll downs, crossed leg stretch, hip opener, extended linear, bbff stretch series, inner thigh stretch to half frogs and done!

    • 11 13 40 min with break at 20 minutes!!! Active warm to get heart rate up and body warm, nice fascia stretches and roll down, plies with heel lifts, lat/puppet hoe downs - STOP HERE for 20 min. t-twist stretch to full t-tapp twists, weeds hoes again.

    • 11 12 40 min fascia fit - warm up, roll down, pbs, pumps, plies with arms, leg lifts with inner thigh lift and hip opener, fascia jazz twist, ttwist and hoes

    • 11 11 30 min class! Warm up to pbs, pumps, plies with foot/legs/ torso rotations, side lunge series, fascia jazz, oil wells, ttwist, lat/puppet hoes and 1 regular hoe! A lot in just 30 minutes.

    • 11 9 35 min barre - grab a chair! Warm up with roll ups and off to a barre workout. Lots of footwork/lower leg, plies, leg lifts and back glutes and hams. I enjoyed this class. Hope you do too!

    • 11 8 40 min floor (break it up by moves for shorter workouts) - Roll downs, Brain body stretch, sit up with ball mid back, pretzel twist, side move from bbff.

    • 11 7 38 min - slow warm up to cardio plie series, speed skaters, torso twist, TTNs, hoedowns with lat/puppet pulls. A HIIT workout!

    • 11 6 38 min total with breaks at 20 and 30 mins! Active warm up, Did moves from 2nd part of total workout - Lunges, balance, step lifts, hoe downs with lats and puppet pulls. Enjoy!

    • 11 5 33 min floor with ball - this was a relatively intense class! Began with ball between knees roll downs to warm up back. Ball between knees, between ankles, under thoracic spine, seated forward bend, saw, sides for that series,ball under sacrum

    • 11 4 37 min standing with 20 min/30 min breaks. Active warm ups, roll down, pbs, pumps, plies, hoe down (lats to a puppet) side lunge series, leg lifts, twist stretches hoe downs.

    • 11 1 40 min. Need a chair - slow warm up to a plie leg series (use a chair for balance as needed), reach scoop, jazz twist, used the chair to do planks, hoe downs. An interesting mix of moves!

    • 10 4 38 min standing! Warm up, back lengthener, pbs, pumps. Grab a pole or chair for leg/foot plies series (burn baby), ab work, hoe downs

    • 10 7 39 min standing ball - roll downs, pbs, pumps. Grab your ball and let's do our squat series with calf/hip openers,hoes with ball, cha cha ball, hoes with ball again.

    • 10 8 35 min standing. Roll downs to pbs, pumps, lunge series, balance series, lat pulls, puppet pulls and speed skaters. Ended with hoe down. We haven't done Part 2 for a while! Enjoy!

    • 10 11 37 min standing - roll down, pbs, pumps, "soma-tised" plies, hoe downs, full side stretch series followed with "twist" series, trunk rotation, hoe downs with back lift. Good class. Fairly intense but "do able"!

    • 10 14 38 min- grab a chair for balance and begin with roll downs. We did lots of different leg/foot moves in this. Use the chair for balance. More important to pay attention to your knees and where they are tracking. Core moves and hoe downs

    • 10 18 47 min floor - Brain/body on floor for warm up, grab your ball for rolls downs, earthquake, ball between knees bridge, sides, ball under chest and done!

    • 10 30 50 min floor ladybug - began standing for warm up and roll down, on back for bbff, seated hip openers, t-twist, and back for oip, frogs, bug stretch, bug and done! whoosh!!!

    • 10 22 40 min standing - active warm up to our squat/calf series, onto our "plies" with chair, arm series and hoe downs. The "plie" series had us doing a lot of lower body/foot work. Burn Bootie Burn!

    • 10 10 40 min FLOOR Class! Brain body warmup, extended linear, in/outs, pretty legs, roll downs with back stretch and abs, pretzel twist with the ball, somatic twist stretch out!

  • 7

    BALL Standing Workouts

    • 9 6 35 min standing BALL - Long warm up with roll downs and back stretch, ball between legs for leg series, plies with lots of torso twisting and side to sides, ball at chest for leg lift crunches, single leg crunches, stretch it all out again, hoes.

    • 4 13 30 min ball workout. Grab your ball and let's play. Nice active warm up and off we went for a fun ball workout. Enjoy the extra activation the ball provides!

    • 4 16 36 min BALL and Chair! Began with a nice slower warm up and off we went to a ball workout. We even did a "chair" plank. You will definitely get your cardio going on and feel those glutes! Did a short floor with ball after. Find at bottom of page

    • 4 17 37 min ball workout! Yes! another ball workout. Nice warm up and off we went. This was a fun workout and we definitely got our heart rate up! Enjoy! BTW...did a 20 min floor class after. Look before in Floor classes for it!

    • 4 18 38 min ball workout! Grab your ball, chair and a 1 inch thick book because you will use it to put your heels up on. An interesting mix of moves today. See how you like the ball with the twist! Floor portion under Short Floor!

    • 4 24 38 min ball - warm up and off we went. Lots of core and glute/leg work. Also quite aerobic. Hope you enjoy this workout. 12 minute floor below after this!

    • 4 25 37 min ball workout - warm up and then grabbed the ball and off we went. Lots of squats, plies (wide and with heals together)...Enjoy!

    • 4 26 40 min standing with ball at end - warm up to PBS, arm pumps with neck, plies, reach scoop, jazz twist, oil wells with ball, sr fit oil wells with ball, ttwist with ball and hoes with ball!

    • 4 30 43 min standing BALL - warm up, pbs, pumps, grab your ball and off we went with the ball workout. Ended with Puppet pulls with ball for hoes!

    • 6 24 41 min standing - active warm up with a long stretch/strengthening series, plies, arms/hands,leg lift series, had some cha cha's in between, hoe downs. I really liked this class! Hope you do too!

    • 6 28 45 min ball combo - warm up to new ball combo moves standing. floor for roll downs, midback sit up/transverse/leg lifts, pelvic curls with knee lifts, side series, ball under breast bone series, kneel sides, done. Whoosh! Fat melt!

    • 7 6 40 min standing, warm up, pbs, arm pumps with towel, plies, reach scoop, ball squat series, hoe downs

    • 7 19 50 min BALL standing . Use a ball and pole for this class. Began with long, slow warm up and strengthening moves, did ball squat series, ball rotations, plies with pole, ball between legs for long flow series...

    • 8 6 30 min T-Tapp! Good morning! I'm back and I'm...tired. So we began with a nice long stretch and off we went to a bwo! Enjoy!

    • 8 31 30 min standing - roll down, side lunge series, plies and more leg/foot work, hoe downs. A good 30 min workout!

    • 9 21 20 min floor - extended linear, floor for OIP, half frog and ladybug. Enjoy!

  • 8

    Stretch and Stride (walking classes) - classes that include the walking!

    • How to get more out of your walking workouts- Instructional!

    • Enjoy this 17 minute brain body walk. Short lower leg stretch and off for a brain body walk. Great for the morning!

    • 12 19 41 min. Stretch and Stride - nice warm up with squats and off to our walk.

    • 12 28 38 min stretch and stride - began with a nice warm up including squat series and off for a great walk.

    • 12 29 35 min. stretching and on to the walk.

    • 1 9 Walking class! Nice warm up with our squats to calf/hip stretches and off for a nice long walk. Relaxed releases at the end!

    • 1 12 38 min. Stretch and Stride class! We began with a short warm up including squats and lower legs and then off we went for a great walk. We worked it all. Hope you enjoy it!

    • 1 16 35 minute Stretch and Stride..and more stride than stretch in this one. I enjoyed this class and hope you do too. Nice combo of stretching and then walking and then stretching. Enjoy!

    • 1 23 35 minute walking. Did some stretches with calf/feet/hip and squats and then off for a good walk. Enjoy!

    • 1 26 35 minute walking class. Began with some good stretches and off we went for our walk. Enjoy!

    • 1 30 38 min walking - stretch series and off for a good aerobic walk!

    • 2 2 35 minute walking. Began with a warm up, then squat series and off to a nice walk. Lots of form tips for walking in this class!

    • 2 6 35 min walking. Started with a brief warm up and off we went into our walk. Lots of intervals in this walk increasing heart rate and bringing it back down. Ended with a nice stretch series for feet,legs and a new flow for whole back of body.

    • 2 13 walking. walking warm up, stop for a stretch of feet/calf/hip with squats, off for more walking!

    • 2 23 33 min walking, Warm up, squat/calf/ hip stretch, off for a good walk. Stretched after. Enjoy!

    • 3 16 Walking - nice warm up and off for a walk. Good brain/body moves in this class!

    • 4 5 walking - warm up, walking, stretch, walking...enjoy!

    • 4 27 38 min walking class - began with short warm up and off we went for a walking workout!

    • 5 8 28 min walking (I posted there too). Active walking warm up, squat stretches and more walking! Did a floor workout after.

    • 6 8 33 min walking class with lots of new moves. Also posted under Stretch and Sculpt workouts

  • 9

    Short Floor Classes (under 30 minutes)

    • "Toys" you might need to do these classes

    • 12 6 This 19 minute floor class began seated with some neck/back/spine stretches, crab claws seated, hip stretches, on to our sides for side series.

    • 12 13 This 17 minute floor class began with a neck stretch, back and spine stretches and off to Pretzel Twist. Front stretch to end.

    • 1 3 15 minute side series on floor. Melt away those side saddles, hips, might need your cushion for this if you can't lie on your side.

    • 1 8 20 min floor - roll downs back stretch, on back side stretches to ladybug.

    • 1 10 20 min floor, roll downs for back and belly, groin stretch, ladybug stretch to the full bug. Feel your hips melting away!

    • 1 15 26 min floor work - Neck stretches, 3 part back strengthening, roll downs, slowed down arch and flatten and added upper body for sit ups, lower ab strengthens and done!

    • 1 22 23 min floor stretch. Did a hip opener to begin and on to a spiral Then did our lower back stretch to roll downs. Arch and Flatten to pearls on a necklace. ended with a slowed down cat cow.

    • 1 31 26 min began with extended linear using our pelvic rocks, hip openers, then our side series

    • 2 15 23 min floor - back strengthening and roll downs for lower back, arch/flatten sit ups, frogs, ladybug. stretch

    • 2 22 18 minute floor class - full side series and ended with a hip release and spiral! Feel your side saddles melting away!

    • 4 1 15 min floor - complete side series for hip, thigh melt!

    • 4 12 14 minute! floor - roll downs for ab and back, floor for hips and abs with ball between the legs and under sacrum.

    • 4 17 20 min floor - extended linear stretch, in/outs, floor with ball under tush for leg/ab work. Ended with cat/cow/spiral, dog and done!

    • 4 18 16 min floor. Extended linear stretch, arms up to a W, in/outs, ladybug! Short but powerful floor workout!

    • 5 8 27 min floor - seated t-tapp twists, spirals, full side series to melt away your side saddles and hips!

    • 5 17 25 min floor - spiral, neck stretch, twist stretch, lateral back stretch, seated back twist, inner thigh stretch with pelvic rocks,quad series, done

  • 10

    BALL FLOOR Workouts

    • 4 16 15 min floor with BALL! Began with inner thigh stretch and pelvic rolls, Roll downs, side rolls, on back with ball under tush for legs and core work! Ended with a seated spiral.

    • 4 19 27 min floor. Extended linear stretch, big w's, in/outs, ball behind tail for roll downs and side abs,ball between shoulder blades opening and tail lift, to floor for ball between legs squeeze, ball under tush for some toe touches , cat cow to elbow

    • 4 24 12 minute core on floor with ball! Slow core work...WORKS!

    • 4 30 16 min floor with ball. Roll downs with ball between legs, various isometric moves using the ball. This was a pretty intense 16 minutes. Just saying...

    • 5 7 43 min BALL FLOOR - grab your ball and hit the floor. Began with extended linear and we went on from here. I don't have names for all these moves. Just know this is very core focused but...YOU CAN do it! Love your feedback!

    • 5 16 20 min ball floor - Seated neck stretch, t-twist stretch, lateral back stretch, roll downs, ball between legs with some moves, ball under tush for some moves and then awesome legs with tush on the ball.

    • 5 10 43 min BALL FLOOR- brain/body fitness floor stretch series, neck stretch, ttwist, extended linear stretch, roll downs with ball between knees, sit ups, leg lifts, ball between ankles for toe dips, side to side hips, ball under shoulders, lots in this

    • 5 13 15 min ball floor - roll downs with ball then did some other moves using ball between legs and under tush!

    • 5 29 19 min floor with ball. Roll downs and ups with ball, bridge with tushie lifts, ball between knees for a series. ball under mid back for a release, seated with legs out and ball roll forward then to each side. Done!

    • 6 4 BALL floor 21 minute - roll downs, ball between knees with a series of moves (bridges then sit ups, toe touches, reverse curl), ball at mid back for chest opening sit ups, ball under tush for leg lifts, roll ups, seated roll forwards and sides.

    • 6 11 32 min ball floor - I LOVE this class. Began with roll downs, mid back opening sit ups, side crunches, ball between knees for pelvic curls, side to side, progression with upper lift/legs down/lower leg drop and reverse curl/lower, rolling like a bal

    • 6 14 26 min ball floor - ball between knees roll downs and roll ups, ball under mid back for sit ups, ball under shoulders for side twists, ball under tushie for a bunch of moves, roll ups

    • 6 25 46 min combo- you'll need a ball. Began standing warm up then to floor for a ball workout. Roll downs, ball behind mid back for sit ups and lower belly, roll up to forward roll, saw, side series, ball under tail awesome legs, kneeling sides.

    • 7 8 22 min ball floor - extended linear stretch, in outs, seated twists, floor with ball at mid back for back stretch to sit ups, side series and final front stretch.

    • 7 13 40 min BALL FLOOR (also posted there) - began standing with a warm up and arm series, floor for roll downs, transverse lower abs, mid back sit ups and leg lifts, roll ups to forward stretch and saw, floor for 3 bridges, ball between knees and then un

    • 7 25 15 min ball floor - roll downs, ball in mid back for full series/sit ups and tush lifts, lying on belly for extensions, lat stretch then hip stretch! Felt great!

    • 7 30 45 min ball floor - brain/body floor stretch, ball behind tush, ball mid-back, ball under tush, ball on our sides, ball under chest. Yep!!! Full body. Hope you enjoy this class

    • 8 22 22 min ball floor - seated ball behind sacrum roll downs, ball under shoulder blades, seated ball roll forwards, side series, crossed leg stretches. Nice floor workout in just 22 minutes!

    • 8 31 20 min floor - seated lower back stretch to roll downs, ball at mid back for that series with sit ups, tushie lift sit ups, leg lift sit ups, sides for side series and done!

    • 9 3 30 min floor ball - Extended Linear stretch, roll downs with lower back stretch, ball under mid back for that series, ball under sides for that series. Good workout!

Blissful Praise

Check Out How Our Members Benefit From This Class

I'm So Much Calmer And I'm Sleeping Better.


Your stretching class is helping me so much! My stiff back is so much looser and my neck and shoulders aren't nearly as tight and sore. What I find is really interesting is that it's even helping me emotionally. I'm so much calmer and I'm sleeping better.

In just 3 classes, I found The Pain In Both Places Was Completely Gone.


I am so blown away by the results I'm getting from taking the Stretch Class. I started the class because I was feeling a lot of tightness and pain in my hips and it was affecting my knees. In just 3 classes, I found the pain in both places was completely gone. And if that wasn't exciting enough...I lost 1.5 inches across my lower belly. I haven't been able to lose there EVER!

I loved being able to do these classes right in my living room and not having to go out and fight the traffic.


My doctor told me to take up yoga as a way to relax and loosen up my body. I tried a few classes and didn't enjoy them at all. I was skeptical that taking this Stretch Class online was going to be any different. Boy was I wrong. Renee showed me how to modify every move and support my body using pillows. I loved being able to do these classes right in my living room and not having to go out and fight the traffic. I am amazed at how much better I feel and I've only taken 2 classes so far.

These Stretch Classes aren't like "exercise".


These Stretch Classes aren't like "exercise". I find them to be more like moving meditations. The slow, thoughtful movements put me into such a relaxed state. I can tell my nervous system is calming down and my sleep is so much better on the days I'm in class.

Who wouldn't love to get on the floor with their favorite pillows, relax and transform their body?


I have a new addiction...Relax and Release Stretch Class! Who wouldn't love to get on the floor with their favorite pillows, relax and transform their body? I'm in!

I start out thinking I will just do 10 minutes


I start out thinking I'll just do 10 minutes of the Stretch Class and before I know it...50 minutes has gone by. I feel relaxed and ready to take on the rest of my day.

I've Been Able To Get A Good's Night Sleep!


Ever since I started taking the Stretch Class, I've been able to get a good nights sleep! I can now feel how much more relaxed in my body and my nervous system is responding. I never expected to experience this great benefits.


CMO (Chief Movement Officer)

Renee McLaughlin

Renee McLaughlin is a health and somatic educator, speaker, motivator, and trainer with over 25 years of success stories from her clients. She has a Master of Science degree in Natural Health and is a certified Gentle Somatic Yoga Practitioner, Somatic Stretch Educator and T-Tapp Master Trainer. Renee is passionate about sharing her love of mindful movement and the power it has to help us get out of pain, increase flexibility and heal us at all levels...body, mind and even spirit!