"You Don't Have To Go To A Gym, Spend Hours Working Out Hard, Or Spend a Fortune To Create Your Best Body Ever"

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Dear Beauty,

You deserve to have a healthy, toned body that serves you for as long as it possibly can. 

Sadly, most women believe the only way to have the body they desire is through hard, exhausting workouts that require us to go to a gym and workout for hours.  

Do YOU have the time (or DESIRE) to stop what you are doing, leave the house, fight the traffic to go to a sweaty gym, exhaust yourself and then come all the way home again.  

My bet is...YOU don't!!!

Have you ever thought or felt like:

  • I want a great body but don't want to go to the gym?
  • I sit in front of a computer all day and need a way to work out that serves my lifestyle?
  • I feel uncomfortable in yoga studios doing the poses in front of everyone?
  • I know I need to stretch and strengthen my body but I only have a short amount of time to devote to it.
  • I'd love to lose a few inches and tighten up my belt but I've always found it takes a ton of effort and time.
  • The exercise classes I've taken in the past were always so hard.  I couldn't follow the Instructor and I felt totally "uncoordinated".
  • I enjoy having a community of "like minded" women to workout with but don't have the time to go out and find it. 
  • I would love to have an experienced Personal Trainer work with me to make sure I got what I needed, but I don't have the resources to make that happen.

If any of these sound like YOU... You've just found your perfect solution . 

Yes! YOU can have the best body possible without going to the gym.

Yes! YOU can have personal instruction right in your home from an experienced professional personal trainer. 

Yes! YOU can transform your body in your home. 

Join me in my Live classes online where we meet over video (super easy to do) and I help YOU transform YOUR body.  These aren't just YOU watching me.  I can see YOU and YOU see me.  It truly is just like being in the same room together because...we are!

Now you really can take these super effective classes without having to leave your home!!!  If the class schedule isn't convenient on some days...I still have you covered.  You'll be able to come into your secure portal and watch the day's classes recorded!

Don't look now but you are on your way to your best body...EVER!  And all from the comfort of your home!

I Understand When I Act Now, I get Instant Access to the "30 Day Live Classes Plus Recordings" package which includes:

  • All the Live Classes With Renee (at least 30 classes per month) - Classes include "Relax and Release" Stretch Classes, Stretch and Sculpt Classes, Floor Classes, Stretch and Stride (Walking) Classes!  
  • Recordings of all the classes available to YOU In your Secure Portal Just In Case You Can't Come On Live
  • Instruction From Renee To Modify Moves Specifically Tailored To Your Needs
  • I will also get access to the private Facebook Group where I will find more support and even group "Challenges" to be a part of.  

I understand that the regular price for all this is $179...

But, when I act now, I get instant access to everything for only $119!

To Your Success,


Renee McLaughlin

P.S. - Every minute you wait to get "30 Day Live Classes Plus Recordings" is another minute you're still in the same painful position. Put the power of "30 Day Live Classes Plus Recordings" to work for you.  

P.P.S. - Don't just take my word for it... scroll down below Your Fitness Recordings and take a look at just a few reviews from happy Women Who Wanted To Improve Their Bodies At Home With A Personal Trainer just like you!

Full Class Schedule:

Get 30 Days of Live Classes (and their recordings) From Home

Personal training with me is $85 per hour. If you want 3 times per week, that would be $255 per week or $1020 per month. In this program, YOU get personalized instruction from the privacy of your own home.

Your Fitness Recordings

  • 1
    Instructions For Live Classes
    • How To Access The Live Classes
    • How to Get the BEST results from this package!
  • 2
    Stretch Classes
    • Welcome to your Relax and Release Stretch Classes - Benefits
    • Tips To Get the MOST out of these Classes!
    • Nov. 10 60 Minutes Stretch Class
    • Oct 11 60 Minutes Stretch Class
    • 19 minute floor stretch. Spine stretch, spirals, back stretch to roll down. leg straight down with back flat. Ab breathing relaxation. knees in to roll ups. down dog with calf stretches. Up.
    • 60 minute floor stretch - nice relaxing class with added "advanced Hip opening", lots of torso/back/spine stretches, hamstring and quad stretches and shoulder joint stretch. I was so relaxed at the end I could barely talk. LOL!!!
    • 60 min stretch class. Different sequence of moves. Focused on releasing neck/shoulder/back and hips. Pelvis looseners. Great class
    • 11 29 60 minute stretch class - relaxing and releasing tonight. Lots of our regular moves with our shoulder joint rotation and spine stretch to end. My whole body was tingling!
    • 12 1 60 minute stretch- beautiful relaxing, releasing stretch class.
    • 12 4 19 minute floor class - began with our seated neck stretch, back stretch to outer ham stretch, "advanced" hip opener, and a hamstring stretch with legs straight out in front of us! GOOD short stretch routine
    • 12 4 50 minute stretch class started lying on our backs doing a hip opening, should joint rotation, spinal stretch, seated stretches. super relaxing.
    • 12 6 55 min stretch class began with a roll down to flat back and feet together hip opening, shoulder joint rotation, lower ab strengthening, groin stretches. Neck stretches and some new back/arm strengtheners. Up to seated for the rest of our favs.
    • 12 7 This 19 minute stretch class was done after our Stretch and Stride class so we focused on relaxing the hips, back, spine, and legs. A really nice seated stretch that's just 19 minutes long.
    • 12 8 This 55 minute stretch class began seated in our "baby pose" and off we went from there. Did extra back strengthening with the roll downs for back and ab work. Good class for after our "regular" morning class. Enjoy!
    • 12 10 15 minute floor- back/spine stretches, back strengtheners, roll back for back and abs.
  • 3
    Stretch and Sculpt Classes
    • Welcome to Your Stretch and Sculpt Classes
    • "Toys" To Have For The Stretch and Sculpt Classes
    • 11 14 33 min. short warm up and into a pulsing arm series (feel the burn). Back stretch, feet and leg lifts, plies with W's, reach scoop, jazz twist foot down, short box, hoe downs to 1/2/4 pattern.
    • 11 15 30 minute standing- warm up, arms series, feet leg lifts, plies, jazz twist, ham stretch brain move, hoes to 1/2/4 (See next lesson for an explanation about the "points")
    • Short video explanation about "softening your points"!
    • 11 16 34 minute stretching, curl under zip ups (great for your whole torso), leg lifts with feet, plies, brain body sequence, plies with side stretches, walking with several brain body sequences...a few new ones! Good combo of sculpting, stretching
    • This 35 min standing class began with arms, hamstring moves. Leg lifts with foot work. Squat series for calf/hip stretches and balance work. Reach scoop to jazz, 2 sets of hoes
    • 11/19 32 minute standing class - big movements for stretches, then side lunge series. Arms with hand stretches. Curls and Scoops with different arm moves, big plies with feet, hamstring curls to leg in front, inner thigh hip stretch and hoes!
    • 11 20 33 minute standing began with a very relaxed fascia warm up. Curls, scoops, side stretches...all included. Plies with turns and torso stretches, arm series (feel those triceps), feet/ankle/calf, hoe down to reverse count 2 sets.
    • 11 21 This 37 minute standing workout began with clap aways, Sr. Fit back stretch, arm pumps with 2 different neck stretches, foot/ankle/balance more onto a full calf/hip stretch, TTN and 2 sets of hoes with different counts.
    • 11 26 41 minute standing - This 41 min standing class began with a more aerobic warm up. Off to back stretch, arm pumps with neck stretches, side lunges, leg lifts with foot work, plies with arms, feet/ankle stretches, hamstrings, hoes
    • 11.27 33 min standing - warm up to fascia stretch, plies with long arms, feet/ankle/calf, pulsing arms, leg lifts, hoes 4/2/4/2/1
    • 11 28 36 min standing slow fascia stretch, foot work, arms, torso,plies, chair stretches
    • 11 29 32 min slow fascia full body stretch, feet/ankle/calf, hip strengtheners using chair, chair stretches
    • 12 3 35 minute class - round the ball, lunges, plies, reach scoop, twist with foot work, clap aways, hoes
    • 12 4 38 minute activated class - back stretch, plies, side stretch, twist foot down, box to side, twist stretch, hoe downs backward count
    • 12 5 38 min standing. Stretch to back stretch, neck/arm stretch/plies with feet, arm pulses, reach scoop to twist foot down, box, twist, 2/4/2/4/1 hoes
    • 12 6 36 min standing, long warm up stretch, did extra "tuck belly button in" moves, arms, leg lifts with feet, plies, twist and twist stretch, 1/2/4 hoe downs. Hope you enjoy this class!
    • 12 8 This 38 minute class started with our warm up and into back stretch with arm pumps and a neck stretch. Plies, side reaches, twist with foot down and up, sf oils, 1/2/4 hoes
    • 12 10 38 min standing. Warm Up, side lunge stretch and strengthen, curl/scoop back, plies, jazz twist, t-twist, hoes 1,2,4,2
  • 4
    Stretch and Stride (walking classes) - classes that include the walking!
    • How to get more out of your walking workouts- Instructional!
    • 11 23 This 40 minute class began with a long warm up fascia stretch. Did squats to calf/hip stretches. Feet/ankle stretch balance. Onto walking! Get the heart rate up and brain balanced. Ending stretches.
    • 11 24 35 min: slow fascia stretches to warm up. We then went to squats/calf/hip stretches, Did the foot in front push off to "get" the weight shifts. Went for a walk emphasizing the toe/heel sequence. Ended with a hip rotation brain/body sequence.
    • 11 30 40 minute stretching and walking class - Nice long stretch including squat/calf/feet/hips. Onto our walk!
    • 12 7 This 38 minute Stretch and Stride class began with a nice long stretch series onto squats and calf/hip stretches. Now we are all warmed up...off to our walk.
  • 5
    Short Floor Classes (under 30 minutes)
    • "Toys" you might need to do these classes
    • 11 7 20 Minute Floor Class
    • 11 14 24 min floor. "chiro" neck stretch. Onto 2 more spine and back stretches. Then we did some inner thigh/groin work. Roll down back and ab moves. Onto our backs for lower ab strengthening and awesome legs.
    • 11 15 24 minute floor. seated neck stretches, Back stretches and roll down using hands for support, side leg lift series. Trim those sides!!!
    • 11 16 22 minute floor -seated with some awesome back stretches and pelvis moves. Torso/spine/back stretches, inner thigh/hamstring stretch, roll downs to ab strengtheners, groin stretch and ...done!
    • 11 19 23 minute floor class. spine stretch to relax neck, shoulder and back tension. Seated back stretches and twists of spine. Seated back stretch to roll down. Worked lower abs with bent legs then straightened legs. Rocks and done!
    • 11 20 -22 minute floor call began with inner thigh/hamstring/pelvis stretch. We moved on to our quad stretch and then did our "full side series" to tighten and tone from waist to knees. Great class to do before the "holiday"
    • 11 21 This 20 minute floor class began with a series of seated stretches. Neck stretch, back/spine stretch, spine squeegie, rib twist, hip loosener. On to back roll downs. Lower ab strengthener, groin stretches, and done!
    • 11 27 21 min floor. seated neck, torso, ribcage stretch, back strengtheners, lower abs, groin
    • 11 28 floor. Inner thigh, quad and then lower belly, long torso and DIVA!
    • 11 29 floor - back strength, roll downs, groin stretch, ladybug
    • 11 30 floor- spirals, back/spine stretches, side series
    • 12 4 19 minute floor class - began with our seated neck stretch, back stretch to outer ham stretch, "advanced" hip opener, and a hamstring stretch with legs straight out in front of us! GOOD short stretch routine. This was a really good 19 minute floor
    • 12 5 floor stretch and tone. Spirals, back/spine stretch, neck stretch, side series!
    • 12 6 This 19 minute floor class began seated with some neck/back/spine stretches, crab claws seated, hip stretches, on to our sides for side series.
    • 12 10 15 minute floor- back/spine stretches, back strengtheners, roll back for back and abs.

Blissful Praise

Check Out How Our Members Benefit From This Class


I'm So Much Calmer And I'm Sleeping Better.


Your stretching class is helping me so much! My stiff back is so much looser and my neck and shoulders aren't nearly as tight and sore. What I find is really interesting is that it's even helping me emotionally. I'm so much calmer and I'm sleeping better.