What Yoga Studios Don't Want You To Know About the "New Science" of stretching...and sculpting.

How To Use the Power of Relaxation to Sculpt YOUR Beautiful Body The Smart Way

Attn: Women Who Don't have the time to devote to exercise but really want to LOOK and feel fabulous!

  • Yes! I’m ready to sculpt my beautiful body without having to learn complicated moves.


  • Yes! I want to move my body in a way that feels wonderful.


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Put the NEW Science of Stretching and Sculpting to work for YOU!

The "new science" on flexibility, tightening and toning is changing the way we sculpt lean, dense and beautiful bodies:

This "new science" has proven this three part prescription to be the most effective way to sculpt YOUR best body!

1.  Use your own body weight

2.   With very specific sequences that work with YOUR body's stretch reflex, alignment and muscle activation.

3.   Do shorter workouts consistently.  Yes...when you are using the latest scientific techniques, LESS working out will give you MORE results!

These classes are designed to do just that! 

Stretch and Sculpt is all of the things you expected to get out of yoga, pilates and even weight training, but without the difficult poses, the competition and the need to do it "right" ... instead of what is right for you. 

If you are ready to sculpt your best body, this class package is for you!

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These classes are designed to use the information gained from the new science to help you get results QUICKLY!

* (4) 30 minute standing classes

   (5) 35 -45 minute combo standing/floor class

  (1) 60 minute class

 (1) 12 minute Class

  (3) BONUS 15 minute floor classes

* Recordings In Secure Portal 

* Brain Balancing - Helps get rid of brain fog

* Build long, lean and dense muscles

* Consistency and Variety

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To Your Success,


Renee McLaughlin

P.S. - Every minute you wait to get the "Stretch and Sculpt Recorded Classes" is another minute you will still be trying to get the results you are looking for the old fashioned way...working out too hard for too long!

With little result to show for it!

Put the power of "Stretch and Sculpt " to work for you so you can quickly and easily sculpt YOUR  beautiful, healthy, lean  body with less effort and time!

P.P.S. - Don't just take my word for it... take a look at what other women just like you found when they put the power of these classes to work for them!  Scroll below!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Your Stretch and Sculpt Recorded Class package

    • Get the best results with your Stretch and Sculpt Class package

    • "Toys" you will need for a few of the classes!

  • 2

    Your Stretch and Sculpt Standing Classes!

    • 30 min standing - roll down to pbs, pumps with neck, plies with feet, hip sequence, fascia jazz twist up downs to turns, oil wells, hoes.

    • 30 minutes uses a Chair! Worked core, glutes, legs, hips, thighs..our whole body! Started with warm up,side lunge series. Onto calf/hip stretches with balance work. Chair for different plies to target the whole leg/hip area. Leg lifts with rotation

    • 30 minute. Warm up and onto an arm series, plies, torso twists, hoe downs to a different count. That was fun. If you have trouble following the new count...just keep moving and laugh. The brain loves new counts and laughter! You got this!

    • 30 min using ball. Short stretch and off we went into a walk. Grab ball . No ball a pillow between your hands works. Squat to a calf/lower leg stretch with rotation series. More walking with brain/body work.

    • 35 minute. Good relaxed stretches, spine work, side stretches,arms with hand work, plies, brain body hamstring arms to front elbow to knee. hoe downs to new count

    • 37 min standing - roll down and back release, back stretch, plies with foot work, side lunge series (full body), jazz twist with calf, side tilts with butterfly arms and hoe downs

    • 38 min standing - warm up to roll down to pbs to pumps. Lunges to balance series. Torso twist, airplane stretch, lats to puppets for hoe downs!

    • 38 min CORE standing warm up, full new torso trimming series, arch/curl with bicep curls, full new torso series again, Sr fit oils, hoe downs. Melt that torso fluff!!!

    • 45 min combo - 30 minutes of some great deep stretching. Lots of plies for leg strengthening and energy burning, jazz twists, box with arms at end, tapping hoes. Floor for full side series to melt away your side saddles!

    • 60 min combo (45 standing, 15 floor). Ball. This class was long so look at the box under here for full description.

    • 60 minute combo class (above) description

    • NEW!!! Check out this new 12 minute standing full body workout!!! I think you'll love it!

  • 3

    Bonus Floor Classes

    • "Toys" you might want to use to do these classes!

    • This 15 minute floor class. Used a hemorrhoid pillow. Spirals to relax in the hips, neck stretch followed by spine stretch. Then on our sides for the full side series. GREAT for waist to knees slimming

    • 16 minute floor class - Might want a hemorrhoid cushion or rolled towel. Seated twist stretch to extended linear stretch and onto our sides for side leg lifts.

    • 16 min floor. Neck stretch, t-tapp twist. Extended linear stretch AND we stayed in that position to do it on each side. Onto the roll down. Bridge lift, frogs, ladybug stretch to the "Bug" herself.

    • 20 min floor. Roll downs to big w, in outs, ham release,on back for "serious ab work", frog legs with side crunch, legs up with arm to op. leg, lower belly crossed leg crunch, back to seated for final stretch! WOO HOO! You'll feel your abs

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Blissful Praise!

See what these women experienced from these classes!

I love doing these classes!

Teri C

I have to enjoy the exercise classes I take or I know I won't do them. After just the first class, I know I've found my Trainer! Renee makes these classes fun and even when I am challenged by some of the moves, I know there is still a reason to do them and she always makes them fun.

I have learned so much about my body

Jane P

Renee not only teaches these classes, but she is always showing us ways to take these special movements and add them to our day. She calls it "fitting fitness into our day". These special moves have helped me feel better and I'm slowly losing inches. This is amazing since I"m 78 years old and a diabetic.

Finally...I can see my waist again!

Laura Q

I've done it all when it comes to exercise. Even though I would workout so hard a lot, I never really got the body toning results I wanted. Renee has proven to me that by slowing my moves down, used focus strengthening moves and relaxed more...results would come. She was right! I'm finally seeing my defined waist again and it's only been 2 weeks.

Love love love these classes

Tamie B

I have never really enjoyed doing exercise classes before. I would start one and just get either bored if it was too easy or exhausted if they were too hard. These classes are "just right"! Love that I can get such great results and have a good time!

So grateful to have found Renee

Charen D

Thanks for making these classes available to us where ever we are in the world. I'm on the other side of the ocean from you but can still take advantage of all the wisdom you have to offer. Inches dropped, pain reduced and depression lifted. All this with some classes!


CMO (Chief Movement Officer)

Renee McLaughlin

Renee McLaughlin has a Master of Science degree in Natural Health, teaches the “Original Barre” (Lotte Berk method), is a T-Tapp Master Trainer, Somatic Educator, Nia teacher and shares her joy of movement every day. A life-long student of fitness and health, Renee is constantly researching new tools to help her clients on their respective fitness and health journeys. In her three decades of working with hundreds of clients across every level of health and fitness, Renee knows life is movement and movement is life. When you stop moving, you stagnate at all levels (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually), tighten up, dehydrate and increase the aging process. Movement is a powerful healer and when you add the element of joy you will be blown away by how it will transform you body, mind and spirit. Renee teaches a variety of movement programs to give her clients a well rounded, healthy, joyful body and life.