Want MORE Results With LESS Effort?

If so...T-Tapp is the Workout for YOU! Results come quickly when you slow down and focus on FORM!

The T-Tapp Method of Movement is known as THE workout to do if you want to lose the most amount of inches in the least amount of time!

I've been teaching T-Tapp for 20 years!  I found it in a magazine called WomensWorld.  Here is a cover from that exact magazine.

The article that caught my attention is

 Drop A Size in Two Weeks With the Amazing Fat Melting T-Tapp Routine!

I rolled my eyes when I read that title. I was sure it was just another ridiculous promise.  But when I read the article, Teresa Tapp talked about things I had never heard before in the health and/or fitness community.

She explained how using her method of movement was different because of the way she "activated" muscles comprehensively and in proper alignment. 

She talked about how her moves were very "lymphatic" and why that was so important. 

And then she explained how these moves could help reduce bulky muscles.  This was an issue I was having personally because I did use light weights in my classes.  

I ordered the videos (the large VHS tapes at that time) and began using them.  Immediately I knew T-Tapp was different from all the other things I had done.

Over the years, T-Tapp has leaned out my muscles just like Teresa promised.  It helped me get through health challenges as well as peri and menopause.  

I've paid it forward and helped hundreds of women all over the world lose inches and regain their health!

If T-Tapp is so incredible, why haven't more people heard about it over all these years.  

GREAT QUESTION!  I believe it's because it's an "intelligent" workout and it does have a little bit of a learning curve.  

And here is the biggest compliant I get especially from people new to the workout...

"Teresa goes so fast in the workouts! I can't follow her!"

Teresa was brilliant and she thought, talked and moved quickly.  It was very hard to keep up.

So I took time to really study every move and get certified for every one of the workouts and trained with her whenever I could.  I became a Master T-Tapp Trainer and truly "mastered" this method of movement. 

I've been teaching it now for close to 20 years and the people I teach get amazing results.  I slow this workout down and focus on helping everyone learn the "secrets" to T-Tapp success.

Here's another complaint I've gotten over the years...  "I know T-Tapp works and I do my workouts for a while.  Get success and then stop.  I just get bored doing the same routines over and over"

I get it!  I love variety myself and so does your brain!  This workout works not only your body, but is great for brain health as well.  And the brain likes variety and change.

So every class in this package is different.  Yes...it's all T-Tapp.  But we do different moves in different combinations in every class.  

You get both standing only classes and floor only classes so you can pick and choose what you want to do that day!

No more boredom!  Just results!

I  invite you to join us in these classes and become your own T-Tapp success story!!!

In this T-Tapp Variety Recorded Class package you get:

  • 12 Standing T-Tapp Classes
  • 6 Floor T-Tapp Classes

That's 18 different classes you can use to...

  • Blast off excess fluff and inches
  • Tighten and tone all your muscles
  • Increase your energy
  • Improve your flexibility
  • Improve your quality of sleep
  • Balance your hormones
  • Improve your brain to body connection and ability to focus
  • Reduce depression and anxiety
  • Increase happiness

And become a member of our T-Tapp community!

See you in class!

Check Out All The Classes!

All T-Tapp and every class is different.

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    Welcome to this T-Tapp Variety Class package!

    • How to get the most from this Class Package!

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    Standing T-Tapp Classes

    • 33 min standing - Active warm up to a roll down, pbs, pumps with neck, reach/scoop, fascia side stretch to fascia jazz twist, speed skaters, oil wells, twist stretch, hoes

    • 33 min standing - roll downs, pbs, arm pumps, plies with feet, fascia stretch with top of foot, jazz twist, arm sequence, t-tapp twist stretch, hoe downs

    • 30 min standing - roll down, pbs, pumps with neck stretches, plies with foot raises, reach scoop, fascia jazz stretches and turns, oil wells, hoe downs. It went really fast but we got it all in!

    • 40 min standing - roll downs, pbs, arm pumps with neck, plies with foot work and lat pulls, hoe downs, glute leg turn, jazz twist, lower ttn, hoe downs...the class that kept on giving.

    • 35 min - roll down to a pbs variation, pumps with neck, plies with foot raises, reach scoop. up/downs, fascia jazz, oil wells, twist stretch with extra ribs up, hoe downs with extra singles. Whoosh!

    • 35 min standing - roll down warm up to pbs, pumps with neck, plies with foot work, fascia jazz stretch with top of foot stretch, hoe downs. Fairly intense!

    • 30 min standing roll downs, pbs, reach scoop, jazz twist with up downs, sr. fit oils, hoe downs with extra singles.

    • 15 min standing- roll downs, cat cows, kick outs and clap aways. We were working on opening up in the chest and working arms and full body.

    • 37 min standing - roll down warm up, cat cow stretch, pumps with neck stretches, plies with big w's, reach scoop with Organs in place,, fascia jazz twist, Hoes. I really felt this one today!

    • 36 min standing - roll down and fascia stretch, arch and scoop, arm pumps, lunges, balance airplane stretch, twist stretch, hoes

    • 40 min standing - warm up to pbs, pumps, plies, reach scoop, fascia jazz, lawnmowers, hoe downs. Again...activated to the max!

    • 1 28 30 min standing - pure t-tapp beginning with clap aways, pbs, arm pumps with neck, plies with 2 arm sequences, reach scoop, fascia jazz with foot under, fascia jazz twist, box, twist stretch and hoes! It was a tad fast and intense!

  • 3

    Floor Classes

    • 27 min Hit the Floor workout - Did all of the seated moves from Hit the Floor. That was...enough! Love your feedback on this "oldie" but "goodie"!

    • 16 min floor - Roll ups and downs, in outs, seated twist, hip stretches, pretty legs, hip stretch again and done. We did this after the 1 13 standing workout. Do it after or by itself!

    • 15 min floor. Roll downs, OIP with front of foot up, frogs, inner thigh stretches, awesome legs, crossed leg stretch. Ta Da!

    • 20 min floor- roll downs, Organs in Place, frog sit ups, ladybug stretch, ladybug and final stretch! Burn!

    • 23 min floor - roll downs to warm up back, crossed legs for hips stretch, in outs, extended linear, pretzel twist.

    • 11 30 35 min floor - began with roll downs for back stretch, in/outs, hoe downs, pretty legs, sides for pretzel twist, side series from bbff, done!

Grab This Package of Classes And SAVE!

If you were to come to one of my classes in person, you'd pay $15/class. For 18 classes, that would be $270! And it would be a "one time only" class. Now you can take advantage of this class package and save $202 and get to do your favorite classes over and over without leaving your home!

Read what other women have experienced with these classes...

I am so much calmer and sleeping better!


Your classes are helping me so much. My stiff back is looser, I'm losing inches and I am sleeping so much better. What I find interesting is that it's even helping me emotionally deal with things much more calmly.

In just 3 classes I've lost inches in my waist!


I am just doing a few of the moves Renee taught in her T-Tapp classes. In just 3 days, I've already lost inches in my waist. I'm Diabetic and it's really hard to lose weight and inches. I can already tell it's helping me balance my sugar!

I'd never been able to do T-Tapp until I found Renee!


I tried to do the T-Tapp DVD's so many times but always gave up because Teresa goes so fast. I was thrilled to have found Renee and her classes. She slows it down so I can finally figure out what to do and now I'm losing those inches. Get her classes. You won't regret it.

Even though the classes are recorded, I know she's watching me!


I absolutely love Renee's recorded class packages. Even though I'm not doing them live with her, it's like she knows what I'm doing anyway. I will hear her correct someone in class and realize...I'm doing it too. I feel like I'm one of her students even though I've never met her.

I went from being crippled to a T-Tapp Trainer


I was practically crippled, needed to use a walker to get around, couldn't move my neck and was on 12 medications. The Doctors said they couldn't do anything more for me. That was when I saw Teresa on PBS. I began using some of the moves from Youtube and began to heal. It was slow but I saw improvement. Then I found Renee. I was able to go to a few of her live classes and it made all the difference. I take her class almost every day now and, because of her, I was able to not only become completely mobile, but I became a Trainer too so I could pay this workout forward. I'm also off all my medications.

These classes got me through some very difficult times.


One of the best things about Renee's classes is the community of other women doing these classes together. It's been like a family to me and has helped me thrugh some very difficult life situations. Even though you might only be able to do the classes recorded, you will still feel the family atmosphere. This is not common with "at home" kinds of workouts. But it definitely is here. And yes...it's also helped me lose inches and recover from hip surgery!

Master T-Tapp Trainer

CMO (Chief Movement Officer)

Renee McLaughlin

Renee McLaughlin is a health and somatic educator, speaker, motivator, and trainer with over 25 years of success stories from her clients. She has a Master of Science degree in Natural Health and is a certified Gentle Somatic Yoga Practitioner, Somatic Stretch Educator and T-Tapp Master Trainer. Renee is passionate about sharing her love of mindful movement and the power it has to help us get out of pain, increase flexibility and heal us at all levels...body, mind and even spirit!