Ready To Melt Inches and Tone Your Whole Body FAST?

The T-Tapp Method of Movement has been a "secret inch torching" weapon used by high fashion models for over 30 years!!!  Teresa Tapp, originator of this method designed and used it to help models get their modeling bodies back after having babies.

She then shared her method of movement with us mere mortals.  

Guess What???  It works for us too!

While the T-Tapp Method of Movement standing moves were the foundation of the workout, the floor moves were just as (if not MORE) effective at whittling our middles, melting away our side saddles and hips, and toning up our whole body.

Plus...You don't have to worry about your balance.  Instead you can use gravity as your friend to really focus on the muscle activation these floor moves center around.  

Secret to the success of these moves??? 

  • Alignment of the body with each move
  • Fascia stretches to release tightly held contractions that limit mobility
  • Muscle activation which torches excess fat and tones the whole body
  • Unique design of the moves to give you maximum results in minimal time

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What All Do I Get?

This package of T-Tapp Floor classes has all the "signature" T-Tapp floor moves.  These include:

  • Extended Linear Stretch
  • Diva Derriere
  • Pretzel Twist
  • In/outs and Hoe Downs
  • Pretty Legs
  • Ladybug stretch and the bug herself
  • T-Tapp twist seated
  • Advanced hoe downs
  • Organs in Place
  • Half frog sit ups
  • Brain Body Fitness moves 

And as the commercials always say...AND MORE!!!  

You not only receive 7 floor classes all under 28 minutes and 5 floor classes over 30 minutes for extra toning...but I've also included 6 videos that have specific move form tips.  Scroll down to the "What's Included" section to see all the goodies in each class.  

Use these classes as your Boot Camp or include them every other day to maintain your inch loss.  

Wonderful as variety classes to alternate with your T-Tapp standing classes.  

Ready to become your own success story???  

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Instant and UNLIMITED Access

You'll get all these classes plus the 6 form tips videos with instant and unlimited access!

What's Included?

  • 1

    Welcome to T-Tapp Floor Fun!

    • Can't wait for you to experience the benefits of these floor classes

  • 2

    Short T-Tapp Floor Classes

    • 12 min floor - roll downs to lat pulls, in outs, torso turns, hip stretches and done. Nice job! Short and oh so sweet!

    • 15 min floor. Roll downs, OIP with front of foot up, frogs, inner thigh stretches, awesome legs, crossed leg stretch. Ta Da!

    • 15 min floor - extended linear, roll downs and then up to a W, in outs, torso side rocks, pretty legs, hip stretch and done! Intense but great!

    • 20 min t-tapp floor - Began on side for pretzel twist, then roll downs to floor for OIP, frogs, awesome legs (yes you can), hip stretches and done!

    • 20 min floor. Roll downs to big w, in outs, ham release,on back for "serious ab work", frog legs with side crunch, legs up with arm to op. leg, lower belly crossed leg crunch, back to seated for final stretch! WOO HOO! You'll feel your abs

    • 20 min floor- roll downs, Organs in Place, frog sit ups, ladybug stretch, ladybug and final stretch! Burn!

    • 27 min Hit the Floor workout - Did all of the seated moves from Hit the Floor. That was...enough! Love your feedback on this "oldie" but "goodie"!

  • 3

    Longer (30+ minutes) T-Tapp Floor Classes!

    • 30 min t-tapp floor- Extended linear stretch, Big w's, torso rocks, in/outs, t-tapp twist, pretzel twist, organs in place, half frog sit ups, awesome legs plus one set of advanced awesome legs and ...DONE!

    • 35 min floor - roll downs to warm up back and body, oip, frogs, awesome legs, pretzel twist, yoga stretch for hips, in/outs and done!

    • 35 min floor - Might want a "cushie" for this. Warm ups for back to on our sides for pressing forward and a lift touch, switch sides again for our side series on cushie, switch sides again for...Diva 10, 4 stretch for hips to seated. Chiro

    • 37 min - roll downs and ups, side torso, seated t-tapp twist, neck stretches, in/outs, crab claws, torso rocks, pretty legs, side series (Might want a hemorrhoid cushion or towel for hip), diva 10, stretch to end!!!

    • 43 min floor t-tapp - rolldowns to w, in/outs, bbpretty legs, one leg up and out, hoe downs, crab claws, extended linear, on back for bbff stretches, oip, frogs, ladybug stretches to the bug, to hip stretch and ta da!!!! DONE!

  • 4

    Form Tip Videos

    • Hit the Floor Basics!!!

    • In outs!

    • Organs in Place

    • Sit ups and half frogs!

    • Awesome Legs - Yes You can!

    • The Diva Derriere!

Master T-Tapp Trainer

CMO (Chief Movement Officer)

Renee McLaughlin

Renee McLaughlin is a health and somatic educator, speaker, motivator, and trainer with over 25 years of success stories from her clients. She has a Master of Science degree in Natural Health and is a certified Gentle Somatic Yoga Practitioner, Somatic Stretch Educator and T-Tapp Master Trainer. Renee is passionate about sharing her love of mindful movement and the power it has to help us get out of pain, increase flexibility and heal us at all levels...body, mind and even spirit!