The Original Foundation Workout

The T-Tapp Total Workout is the original foundation workout that the whole program is based on.  It is the workout featured in the best-selling book called “Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes”!

The Total Workout is divided into two parts.  The first part of the workout is called Basic Workout +.  This is the part of Total Workout that most people do and love.

The second part of Total Workout is just as fabulous but, because Basic Workout was “marketed” as a 15 minute workout designed to help you “lose 2 sizes in 4 weeks”, most people just did that one and never progressed on to the second part.

The second part of Total is a little more challenging but totally “do-able” when we slow it down and focus on engaging our core!  

That is what this class is all about.  

This part of the workout is more core focused with lots of balance challenges.  Balance is so important especially as we add years to the calendar, so we slow down and learn how to engage our core to improve our balance.  

Because there is so much "juice" in this part of the Total Workout and I want to give it all to you...I've broken it up into (2) 40 minute workouts.

The first workout includes Primary Back Stretch, Lunge Series, Balance Sequence and our loved Thread The Needle!

The second class will give you Primary Back Stretch (so you have a complete workout), Long Arm Series, Step Lift (let's add a bit of cardio), Torso Twist and...Lawnmowers.  I ended this class with a little surprise sequence.  

How about a 4 minute Foot Warm up?

There is a separate warm up using a tennis ball to work the fascia on your feet.  Use this warm up every day to keep your fascia hydrated and feel the benefits all the way through your body.

This class is truly…FUNctional Fitness!

And You'll even get a special BONUS class from the 3 Moves to a Transformation package so you have a short class when time is limited!

** NOTE:  The warm up and 1st class is also "downloadable".  You can stream and/or download those two videos.  

Ready to get your T-Tapp on??? 

Let's Go!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to T-Tapp Total Workout - Part 2

    • Enjoy this class package. This video tells you exactly what you get and how to access. xoxo

  • 2

    PLEASE WATCH!!!! Which videos are downloadable and how to download!

    • The only 2 videos that are downloadable are the warm up and the first class. This video explains why and how to download.

  • 3

    Great warm up to do every day!

    • Grab a tennis ball and begin by doing this powerful myofascial release on your feet! You are going to love this warm up!

  • 4

    Total Workout Classes!

    • Begin with the foot warm up (see above). Primary Back Stretch, Lunge Series, Balance Series, Lat Pulls, Puppet Pulls and Thread The Needles!

    • Begin with Primary Back Stretch and onto a long arm series. those guns! How about a Step Lift series for a cardio boost. Torso Twist for a great rotational move and on to...drum roll...Lawnmowers! Ended with a special move!

  • 5

    Bonus Class!

    • Begin with Primary Back Stretch on to the Lunge Series and finish with Thread the Needles (21 minutes). This is one of the 10 short 3 move classes in the "3 Moves to a Transformation" class package. Enjoy!


CMO (Chief Movement Officer)

Renee McLaughlin

Renee McLaughlin is a health and somatic educator, speaker, motivator, and trainer with over 25 years of success stories from her clients. She has a Master of Science degree in Natural Health and is a certified Gentle Somatic Yoga Practitioner, Somatic Stretch Educator and T-Tapp Master Trainer. Renee is passionate about sharing her love of mindful movement and the power it has to help us get out of pain, increase flexibility and heal us at all levels...body, mind and even spirit!