Trim, Tighten and Tone Using Toys!

Super Charge Your Inch Loss Results Using a Ball, Gliding Discs and a Towel!

Ready to UP your inch loss game?  

Adding a few choice toys to our fitness classes can really help increase results by adding an extra level of engagement both for our body and our brain!  

In these classes, we add that extra OOMPH to our muscle activation (and fun) by using a 9" exercise (NOT weighted) ball and a pair of Gliding Discs.  

Using the ball on the floor behind your booty to do ab work has been scientifically proven to generate 4 times the work in an abdominal crunch per second of exercise. Not only that but it also protects your back!

A double win!

Using the 9" ball allows you to feel muscles in a way you might not feel them without it. 

Using the Gliding Discs forces you to focus on using your muscles to control the discs during the moves.  

Using the towel or leggings gives a whole different level of muscle engagement.

Watch and follow along with this short video to EXPERIENCE the power of these toys to get more out of every move you do!

Watch Intro Video

Check Out All the Classes in this Package!

This class package is jammed full of great classes for you to play with.  

Check out all you get...

7 Standing Classes using the ball

9 Floor Class using the ball

6 Combo (standing and floor) classes with the ball

9 combo classes using the Gliding Discs (and ball)

2 Standing classes using a pair of leggings!

YES!!!  33 complete classes to enjoy.  They are all different lengths so you'll have both short and longer classes to pick and choose from!

Scroll down this page to the Course Curriculum and click the "down arrow" to see the class details for each class.  

You have unlimited access to all these classes!!!   You could do a different class every day in the month and still not do all of them.  

What are you waiting for?  Start now and become your own success story.  

Get Instant Access!

You get ALL 33 classes with unlimited access for just $78. Each class is only $2.35! Less than 1/2 of a latte at Starbucks. And the benefits never stop!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to your Trim, Tighten and Tone With Toys Package!

    • What toys will you need? This short video will tell you what to get and what you can use to substitute if you don't want to buy the suggested toys!

  • 2

    Have a BALL standing!

    • 28 min ball standing. CORE and Balanced based class - foot work, roll downs and off to our squats/leg lifts. Don't have names for all these so just come and experience it. It was fun and challenging.

    • 31 min ball standing - short warm up to squat series through balance with ball (includes plies...) to all 4's with core work on ball. Fun ball class with a new move or two thrown in for good measure!

    • 34 min Ball standing - ball for foot to roll down/pbs/pumps and again off to the squat series with a few variations, plies to drop lunge series,torso twist(w ball), lawnmowers (w ball). ta da...done!

    • 36 min - Ball and POLE! Foot ball to roll down to pbs to pumps. Off to a nice flow with squats, leg lifts, calf/hip stretches, plies to curtsys. Up and down balance challenge. Grab a pole and your ball and off to a fun squat series. Sr.

    • 37 min BALL stand - Grab your ball and chair or Booty Kicker and let's play! Warm up to squats and full body series with ball working in all planes, ball between legs for more squats and inner thigh squeezes. Ended with hoe downs using the b

    • 39 min ball stand - active warm up, curl/scoop/pumps, squat series for lower legs, ball between legs for lower body series, plies with ball, hoe downs with ball. Good class!

    • 40 min ball pole standing - foot ball, roll down, pbs, pumps, squat series to plie series to curtsy series (lots of series), ball between legs using pole or chair for inner thigh/core work, then just legs without ball and pole. Done!

  • 3

    Have a BALL on the floor!

    • 16 min ball floor - ball between knees for some rolls own to warm up back. Floor with ball between legs and bridges, ball under blades for long stretch out, rolling like a ball and up. Seated with ball under tail for "earthquakes", on floor

    • 18 min floor ball - roll downs, ball under tush for earthquakes and rotations, ball under blades for sit ups, under tail for toe taps, dead bugs and leg circles, seated hip stretches with ball!

    • 20 min ball floor - began with hip stretch with ball, twist, tushie strengthen, ball behind tail for quakes and side moves, ball behind blades for sit ups and leg lifts, ball between knees for bridging, ball behind tail for toe dips and leg c

    • 21 min floor using ball - Began walking out to plank, 4 push ups, shift back, plank with knees in and then knee push ups, on all 4's with ball and leg lift, ball behind tail for quakes and rotations, ball under blades for sit ups, ball on sid

    • 22 min floor ball - roll downs, earthquake, mid back sit ups, under tail for bridges and open leg, toe taps, dead bug, scissor legs, double leg circles, rolling and hip stretch

    • 35 min floor ball - began standing working feet with tennis ball. Then floor with 9" ball. Between legs/roll downs, on floor with knee squeezes, leg drops, pine stretches, behind blades and each leg extension, rolling, side work and then ba

    • 37 min ball floor - seated hip stretch with ball, lateral back stretch, back twist, lower leg stretches, ball between knees roll downs, ball behind tush quakes, ball behind blades for sit ups and cross sits, on side for hip clam shells (ball

    • 45 min ball floor - roll downs to a W, seated neck stretches and twists, extended linear stretch, in/outs, pretty legs, ball under tush for earthquakes, ball between knees for laterals, bridge, OIP, frogs, ladybug stretches to the bug, on sid

    • 45 min floor/ball - bbff stretches, seated hip stretches, back and neck stretches, In/outs, pretty legs, hoe downs,quakes, quake rotations,ball under blades for sit ups and leg extensions, ball under tail for toe touches, leg circles and hip

  • 4

    Have a BALL Combo (standing and floor)

    • 33 Min ball combo - Began with feet on ball and off to our squats. Class is very core and balance based. We are standing for the first part of the class. Then on "all 4's". Then on floor. It all uses the ball for balance and activation. E

    • 45 min combo ball - foot ball, roll down, pbs, pumps, grab ball and go for a long balance series, plies, at 25 min - down to planks/push ups/4's for core, 33 min ball behind tush for quakes, blades for sit ups, hip stretch! Ta da!

    • 47 min ball combo - standing ends at 27 minutes. Began with foot on ball, roll down to pbs, pumps and off to our squat balance series. Then we get on all 4's for some core work and then on ground with roll downs, earthquakes...

    • 50 min ball combo - 30 min standing! Warm up with foot/roll down to pbs/pumps, to squat balance series, plies, curty lunges, ball between legs. Then all 4's for core elbow to knees, floor for earthquakes, mid back sit ups, sides...great clas

    • 50 min combo ( you can stop at any time😜) foot ball, roll down, pbs, full new balance series - challenging. Fascia jazz, up/down for push ups, on all 4's for new core move, ball behind tushies for quakes, mid back sit ups, sides for leg/hip/m

    • 60 min ball combo - standing 34 min - foot ball roll down pbs, pumps, squat series, plies to curtsy, side lunges, ball between legs series. Onto all 4s for planks to ball behind tush earthquakes, under ribs for thoracic sit ups, hip stretches

  • 5

    Let's GLIDE!

    • 13 min glider series (standing and floor)- begin with plies out and in, curtsy out and in then back and forth, one leg out to side, one leg back series. Floor for plank series and lat pulls. WOO Hoo! And intense 13 minutes but Oh SO GOOD!

    • 20 min floor gliders - Get out your gliders for this floor class. A slight roll down with discs under feet series, sides for 2 great moves, belly for push ups discs under hands, belly for lat pulls, on back for bridge and oip, frogs, ladybug

    • 23 min floor with discs and ball. Began with a series of planks with discs (YES YOU CAN). I'd suggest watching each one first and then doing it. I don't do many reps of each. Then ball for quakes, sit up series, ball between legs for bridg

    • 30 min disc class - can be done with or without disc.- warm ups, arm pumps and off we went to a disc series - squats, curtsy, side lunges, back lunges, on floor for leg/push up series (You CAN DO IT) and back up with stretches to end.

    • 38 min standing with discs - Used 2 discs today! You can use paper plates, socks that slide or do the class without the discs. All works. I used light shoes today because I got better traction with them. See under video for moves!

    • 40 min combo -need tennis ball, bender ball, gliding disc (or paper plate), chair or barre - You can just use your chair and do this workout without anything. But I'll be using the toys in this workout. Moves are listed under video.

    • 42 min standing with discs - sway and upper body warm up to pbs, pumps and neck. Grab discs for plies, squat to curtsy, front lunge to warrier, reach scoop, jazz twist (w attitude), twist stretch, hoe downs. Enjoy!

    • 50 min combo (you can break it up) need tennis and 9" balls, disc or plate. Beginning pretty much same to pbs, pumps, plies to jazz twist to squats to ball between knees, gliding disc lunges, big stretch out. Then down to plank/push ups, t

  • 6

    Use your Leggings (or scarf)

    • 38 min using towel - roll downs, feet/lower leg warm ups, grab towel for upper body release, hip bumps, rib bumps, side stretches, twists all using the towel. Ended with hoe downs.

    • 35 min towel class - Grab your towel/scarf and lets play! We really worked our whole spine/back and arms in this class!

Blissful Praise for these Classes!

See what others have experienced from these classes

I can't believe what adding the ball can do.

Cindy C

When Renee first starting talking about adding the ball to class, I didn't think it was going to be a big deal. But I was wrong. It was GAME-CHANGING! I started to feel muscles I'd never felt before. And my body began changing too.

I now see definition in my muscles

Sylvia A

I was never able to get any definition in my muscles until we starting adding the ball and towel. After just a few classes, I began to see muscle definition. Truly amazing.

Mind Blown

Angie P

Can a little playground ball really make any difference in your workouts? YES!!! The ball added a completely new dimension to the workouts and then when Renee introduced the gliding discs...mind blown. The amount of control you need to use to work with the discs really ups the game. Get this package. You won't believe how it works your body.

2" lost in my waist in 10 days of these classes!

Deb T

i didn't really think adding the ball and discs would make much difference but I am happy to be proved wrong. I lost 2" in my waist in just 10 days and I only did about 5 of these classes. Renee is a genius in how she finds things that help us.

Renee does it again!

Andy Y

I have been taking Renee's classes for a while now and love them all. When she introduced the ball and discs though, the workouts definitely were up leveled. They aren't really harder. I don't feel like I'm exhausted after. Instead they just seem to work better.

These classes are fun and effective

Jud W

I don't love exercise but I really enjoy doing these classes. I actually look forward to getting out my ball and discs and turning on these classes. Just adding these things have really made my workouts more enjoyable which makes me do them more often. Maybe that's why they are so effective.

Master Trainer

CMO (Chief Movement Officer)

Renee McLaughlin

Renee McLaughlin is a health and somatic educator, speaker, motivator, and trainer with over 25 years of success stories from her clients. She has a Master of Science degree in Natural Health and is a certified Gentle Somatic Yoga Practitioner, Somatic Stretch Educator and T-Tapp Master Trainer. Renee is passionate about sharing her love of mindful movement and the power it has to help us get out of pain, increase flexibility and heal us at all levels...body, mind and even spirit!

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